Girl recovering encourages vaccination

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A South Florida teen who was connected a ventilator for days owed to COVID-19 is recovering and speaking astir her conflict with the virus.

Paulina Velasquez, 15, archetypal tested affirmative for COVID connected July 11th. Days later, she needed a ventilator and was placed successful a medically induced coma.

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She is present successful just information and has been weaned disconnected oxygen support.

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Velasquez spoke astir however she archetypal felt erstwhile she tested affirmative for COVID. “I was precise frightened due to the fact that I had COVID and I didn’t cognize if similar — I was conscionable precise frightened to travel present and I didn’t cognize I was gonna enactment present for that galore days,” she said.

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Velasquez besides said that arsenic soon arsenic she’s eligible to get vaccinated, she volition and powerfully urged each who are not vaccinated to get a shot. Team

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