Greg Fertuck compared himself to Mr. Big sting’s cleanup expert: ‘I’m worse’

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During a sojourn to Vancouver, Greg Fertuck laughed arsenic helium told an undercover constabulary serviceman however his estranged woman Sheree Fertuck went missing, a Saskatoon execution proceedings has heard.

The accused, present 68, was explaining to the serviceman — whom helium thought was a coworker — however helium was arrested successful October 2017. Fertuck was detained and interrogated by Saskatoon RCMP, but not charged.

“I was expected to get charged with murder, but they didn’t marque thing stick,” Fertuck tin beryllium heard saying connected an audio recording.

It was the archetypal clip during a astir year-long Mr. Big sting that Fertuck told his coworker that Sheree went missing. She was past seen by household connected Dec. 7, 2015, arsenic she near a farmyard adjacent Kenaston, Sask., which is 85 kilometres southbound of Saskatoon.

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Sheree Fertuck was past seen connected Dec. 7, 2015. Her estranged husband, Greg Fertuck, has pleaded not blameworthy to charges of first-degree execution and offering an indignity to a body. Saskatchewan RCMP / Supplied

He disclosed the accusation portion riding successful a conveyance successful April 2019 with an undercover officer, who can’t beryllium identified by media owed to a work ban.

Sheree was Fertuck’s 2nd wife.

“I didn’t get divorced the 2nd time. She disappeared,” the antheral said with a laugh.

The men were moving successful what Fertuck thought was a two-pronged operation. One broadside of the concern was expected to beryllium a morganatic vehicle-hauling service, portion the different was a transgression effort collecting loans, transporting amerciable diamonds and moving different contraband.

In reality, the full enactment was created by the RCMP, utilizing undercover officers to airs arsenic employees. The extremity was to find the information astir Sheree going missing, and her estranged hubby had been a fishy dating backmost to December 2015, officers person testified.

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Fertuck was the people of 130 controlled interactions, oregon “scenarios,” involving undercover police. The serviceman who was successful Vancouver with Fertuck is called the “primary operator.”

One subordinate of the fake transgression enactment was known arsenic a “cleanup guy” who took attraction of superior crimes for the group. During the speech astir Sheree’s disappearance, Fertuck laughed arsenic helium compared himself to him.

“No, I’m not similar (the cleanup guy). I’m worse. They don’t find them,” helium said.

On the basal Wednesday, the serviceman who was driving with Greg said helium didn’t cognize the taxable of Sheree’s disappearance would travel up. He’d been instructed to not probe further into the contented if it did surface, tribunal heard.

At that point, undercover officers had much scenarios planned starring up to a June 21, 2019, gathering betwixt Fertuck and a fictitious transgression boss.

In erstwhile testimony, the operation’s screen idiosyncratic said Fertuck told the transgression brag that helium killed Sheree and disposed of her body. Fertuck mentioned a tarp, a brace of gloves, a .22 calibre firearm mag and boots utilized during the offence, helium testified.

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Fertuck led officers to the gravel pit wherever helium said the shooting happened. They besides went to a adjacent wooded area. Despite days of searching, Sheree’s assemblage and the firearm person ne'er been found.

None of the Crown’s grounds has been deemed admissible during the judge-alone trial. Instead, Justice Richard Danyliuk has heard six weeks of grounds successful a voir dire, oregon admissibility hearing.

His voir dire determination is expected earlier the defence has an accidental to telephone grounds of its own.

The proceedings is scheduled to past 8 weeks.

The ‘alibi scenario’

In May 2019, undercover officers launched the ‘alibi scenario’ successful Alberta. Fertuck and the superior relation were portion of a radical called to a edifice room. They met with 1 of the organization’s members, who had scratches connected his look aft an evident combat with a girlfriend.

The cleanup feline was there, and collected the member’s cellphone. He instructed Fertuck and the superior relation to prime up respective items.

Fertuck noted that the member’s DNA could beryllium nether the fingernails of the pistillate who scratched him.

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In a consequent scenario, Fertuck and the superior relation traveled to Lethbridge. Another worker successful the enactment gave them a constabulary DNA postulation kit and instructions connected however to usage it.

From there, the superior relation and Fertuck went to a hospital, gathering a supposedly terminally sick patient. As the diligent sat successful a wheelchair outside, Fertuck chopped unfastened a container and collected humor from the patient’s finger.

During the exchange, members of the Lethbridge Police Service (LPS) pulled up astatine the infirmary for an unrelated reason.

Court heard that erstwhile Fertuck noticed their arrival, helium suggested that if they person immoderate issues with the LPS, the criminals should assertion to beryllium undercover constabulary officers.

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