Guilty Gear Strive's First DLC Character Releases Next Week

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Guilty Gear Strive was released a small implicit a period ago, and present Arc System Works is acceptable to commencement delivering caller characters to the game. In a trailer released past night, we looked astatine the archetypal DLC character, Goldlewis Dickinson, and the roadmap for the upcoming slate of contented successful Strive’s Season Pass.

Goldlewis Dickinson is the “Secretary of Absolute Defense,” a somewhat antithetic presumption than what we person successful the existent satellite United States. Slightly cooler, too. He’s dressed successful what I’m definite isn’t a standard-issue uniform, implicit with jeans covered with chaps, a large horned loop buckle, and existent horseshoes emblazoned connected his gloves to springiness a small other interaction to his punches. This large brawler carries a heavy-duty coffin with an Area 51 motion slapped connected the front. He claims that determination aren’t immoderate aliens astir successful the trailer, but the bluish otherworldly limb punching from the coffin says otherwise.

Dickinson’s move-set is reminiscent of different burly warring crippled characters with large sweeping attacks utilizing that dense coffin and his alien friends to use pressure. Also astatine his disposal are flying drone weaponry projectiles to support enemies engaged portion Goldlewis finds a mode successful to attack. Once the Secretary does get in, helium has options by utilizing his bid drawback to use 3 skull-cracking headbutts oregon enarthrosis charging successful to commencement a combo. Goldlewis packs immoderate superior firepower with a monolithic concatenation weapon helium tin combo into from a coffin onslaught and a ace that blasts his unfortunate victims with an orbital laser from space.

Goldlewis Dickinson is slated to deed Guilty Gear Strive connected July 27 for play walk owners and connected July 30 for those who privation to prime him up individually connected PlayStation consoles. Steam users will beryllium disposable to find the DLC for idiosyncratic purchases connected July 27. Arc System Works gave a unsmooth timeline for the remainder of this season’s DLC on with this quality announcement. No terms was fixed connected buying Dickinson solo, but the play walk runs $29.99. August volition bring different character, with different combatant coming sometime earlier the extremity of the year. 2022 is the existent clip for the last 2 DLC characters and caller stages for the season, the last 1 bringing caller communicative contented on with it.

Who’s missing from Guilty Gear Strive’s roster that you’d similar to spot return? Have you been playing Strive, and what bash you deliberation of it? Tell maine astir it successful the comments!

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