Health Department Mandates Vaccines for All of Its Workers

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that it volition necessitate much than 25,000 members of its wellness attraction workers to beryllium vaccinated against Covid-19.

Our fig 1 extremity is the wellness and information of the American public, including our national workforce, and vaccines are the champion instrumentality we person to support radical from COVID-19, forestall the dispersed of the Delta variant, and prevention lives,” HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said successful a statement.

“As President Biden has said, we are looking astatine each mode we tin to summation vaccinations to support much radical safe, and requiring our HHS wellness attraction workforce to get vaccinated volition support our national workers, arsenic good arsenic the patients and radical they serve,” Becerra added.

HHS is the latest national agency to necessitate its employees to beryllium vaccinated. The Department of Veteran Affairs was the first, issuing a vaccine mandate past month. And successful a memo issued earlier this week, The Pentagon said it volition necessitate members of the subject to get the Covid-19 vaccine by Sept. 15.

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