‘Historic day’: Mixed thoughts in Maritimes as Mary Simon sworn in as governor general

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There’s a scope of perspectives successful the Maritimes astir Mary Simon becoming Canada’s 30th politician general, including suggestions that the assignment is simply a “political play” to dodge absorption connected residential schools.

A Nova Scotia First Nation main is conscionable hopeful Simon tin “make definite Canada honours the treaties” arsenic a typical of the Queen.

But Chief Mike Sack, of the Sipekne’katik First Nation, isn’t overly assured that volition happen.

“She was appointed by the premier curate of Canada to benignant of look implicit Canada, truthful it’s astir apt a hand-selected position, for sure,” helium says.

But Sack calls her assignment a measurement towards reconciliation.

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“It’s a historical time and it’s large to see,” helium tells Global News successful a Zoom interview. “We’re optimistic that large things volition travel from it.”

Simon, who becomes commander-in-chief, was sworn successful Monday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Simon, an Inuk person and erstwhile Canadian diplomat, arsenic his prime to beryllium the Queen’s typical successful Canada earlier this month, replacing Julie Payette, who resigned successful January.

Governors wide are liable for law duties and representing the country.

A Narrative Research canvass of 12,000 Canadians shows 76 per cent of Canadians enactment her appointment, with support numbers somewhat higher successful the Atlantic region.

 'Who is Mary Simon, Canada’s archetypal  Indigenous politician  general?' 2:31 Who is Mary Simon, Canada’s archetypal Indigenous politician general?

Who is Mary Simon, Canada’s archetypal Indigenous politician general? – Jul 6, 2021

Despite that, there person already been hundreds of ceremonial complaints — astir her language.

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Simon is bilingual, speaking English and Inuktitut, but not French.

She did, however, recommit to learning the connection successful her code Monday.

“I’m having a small occupation pronouncing, but I’m learning,” she said, and thanked Canadians who person reached retired to her implicit caller weeks to explicit their enactment arsenic she vows to enactment astatine learning French.

Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick (SANB), oregon New Brunswick’s Acadian Society, wasn’t disposable for an interrogation Monday connected the taxable due to the fact that it is “before the courts contesting the information of the existent Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, Her Honour The Honorable Brenda Murphy.”

Murphy is an anglophone successful a bilingual province, which prompted SANB to instrumentality ineligible enactment against “the process that led her to beryllium nominated,” said Ali Chaisson, the organization’s enforcement manager successful December 2019.

 'Canada’s caller   politician  wide   Mary Simon discusses bringing Canadians together' 0:38 Canada’s caller politician wide Mary Simon discusses bringing Canadians together

Canada’s caller politician wide Mary Simon discusses bringing Canadians together

People who spoke to Global News Monday day successful Moncton had differing perspectives connected the contented of Canada’s politician wide not being fluent successful its 2 authoritative languages.

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“I consciousness it’s a spot of an contented fixed that determination is specified a beardown and contiguous French assemblage successful the metropolis and state successful general,” said Karine LeBlanc.

“That seems to beryllium a large oversight, successful my opinion,” Rodney Seguin said.

“If she has the qualifications, wherefore not?” asked Rita Oulton. “She doesn’t talk French? You cognize what, she’s consenting to learn. I don’t spot a large deal.”

“No substance what it is, radical are excessively picky,” Gary Francis Musgrave said. “She doesn’t talk Français, good she doesn’t. Doesn’t mean she’s (any) little of a person.”

Others accidental the assignment is political.

Bryanne Duffy, whose grandma is simply a residential schoolhouse survivor, said Simon’s assignment was “convenient timing.”

“Not to instrumentality distant from … it’s a large happening that she’s being brought successful arsenic politician general, don’t get maine wrong,” Duffy said. “But I consciousness similar it’s much of a governmental play than thing and it’s conscionable thing to instrumentality the vigor disconnected of residential schools.

“It is hopefully a measurement successful the close direction.”

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