Horizon Forbidden West's Aloy Joins Genshin Impact For A Limited Time Only

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While we person immoderate clip inactive earlier we tin get our hands connected Horizon Forbidden West, that doesn't mean we can't dive into a gaming escapade arsenic Aloy successful the meantime. For a constricted clip only, Guerrilla Games and miHoYo are teaming up to bring Aloy to the Genshin Impact roster for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players. 

PlayStation took to Twitter to uncover the news, including however fertile 20 players tin get their hands connected Aloy's Predator Bow. The caller update is coming soon with mentation 2.1, which volition see the caller crossover. We don't person circumstantial details yet, but PlayStation promises to uncover much soon: 

Want to get Aloy’s Predator Bow? Travelers supra Adventure Rank 20 volition person this for escaped via in-game mail.

And if you’re playing connected PS4 oregon PS5, you’ll get exclusive entree to Aloy arsenic of Update 2.1! pic.twitter.com/RY6m8oqM6F

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) July 22, 2021

Genshin Impact has seen a batch of occurrence since the free-to-play crippled has deed the market. While it is simply a gatcha game, our ain Dan Tack — who is known for his blunt criticisms astir this peculiar inclination successful games — has mentioned successful the past that this mechanic doesn't really wounded the game. Genshin gives players the state to research and instrumentality connected caller challenges portion exploring a world, not dissimilar that seen successful Nintendo's Breath of the Wild. Heavily inspired by the open-world Link adventure, Genshin Impact continues to germinate with much updates, caller characters added to the roster, and caller expansions to marque the thrust each the much enjoyable. 

Thoughts connected the Genshin Impact x Horizon Forbidden West crossover? What different games would you similar to spot marque their mode into the satellite of Teyvat? Sound disconnected with those blistery takes successful the remark conception below! 

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