House Republicans Falsely Blame Pelosi For Capitol Attack. Here Are The Facts

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Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) falsely blamed Speaker Pelosi for the Capitol attack, but present are the facts.


Elise Stefanik says Nancy Pelosi is liable for the Capitol attack.

FACT: The Speaker of the House is not successful complaint of Capitol security. That's the work of the Capitol Police Board.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 27, 2021

Rep. Stefanik said, “She doesn’t privation a just and bipartisan investigation. She wants a governmental one. It is simply a information that connected December 2020, Nancy Pelosi was made aware of imaginable security threats to the Capitol and she fails to act. It is simply a information that the U.S. Capitol constabulary rise concerns and alternatively than providing them with enactment and resources they needed and deserved, she prioritized her partisan political optics implicit their safety. The American radical merit to know the information that Nancy Pelosi bears work arsenic Speaker of the House for the tragedy that occurred on January 6th. And it was lone after Republicans started asking questions connected it that she refused to spot them.”

FACT: Speaker Pelosi Is Not In Charge Of Capitol Security

USA Today already debunked the House Republicans’ assertion with a information check, “We complaint the assertion that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caused the insurrection astatine the U.S. Capitol arsenic FALSE, based connected our research. The Capitol Police unit is liable for protecting the gathering and is overseen by a Capitol Police Board and committees from the House of Representatives and Senate, according to a USCP spokesperson. Pelosi is not straight liable for overseeing Capitol Police unit operations.”

House Republicans Are Lying To Cover-Up Their Role In The 1/6 Attack

House Republicans helped to incite the onslaught connected the Capitol. Some House Republicans whitethorn person provided assistance and enactment to the attackers. The Republicans are trying to displacement the blasted for their crippled due to the fact that they cognize that the information volition severely harm them politically.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t organize, coordinate, and wage for the rally that brought the terrorists to the Capitol. Donald Trump did.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t enactment and incite the Capitol attackers. Many House Republicans did.

It is important to debunk these lies due to the fact that Republicans are going to repetition them implicit and implicit again until they summation traction.

America can’t fto Republicans rewrite the information astir 1/6.

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