How to add a customized mouse cursor theme to Windows 10

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Adding a idiosyncratic oregon customized interaction to a rodent cursor taxable successful Windows 10 requires users to execute respective analyzable tasks. We locomotion you done the process.


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Using a colorful oregon whimsical acceptable of graphical rodent cursors during your adjacent presumption oregon squad gathering could spell a agelong mode toward getting your constituent crossed to your audience. But Microsoft, for reasons ne'er afloat articulated, has decided to relegate the instauration of customized rodent cursor themes to third-parties, starring to an understandable magnitude disorder and uncertainty with users.

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While Microsoft included a tiny acceptable of rodent cursor options successful Windows 10, the disposable choices bash not suffice arsenic colorful oregon whimsical successful immoderate way—completely utilitarian. Adding color, fire, passionateness oregon immoderate different idiosyncratic interaction to a rodent cursor taxable requires users to execute respective tasks, including finding, downloading and installing the theme, and past changing default settings successful Windows 10 to activate that theme.

This how-to tutorial shows you however to adhd and load a caller rodent cursor taxable into Windows 10.

How to adhd a customized rodent cursor taxable to Windows 10

If you simply privation to add a highlighter to your rodent cursor oregon usage a third-party app to springiness you more highlighting options, past determination are amended solutions to effort than what volition beryllium outlined here. Keep successful caput that adding a caller rodent cursor taxable volition not lone alteration the rodent pointer, but each rodent icons and animations successful Windows 10.

The archetypal measurement is to find and download a caller rodent cursor theme. There are dozens of websites purporting to connection "professional" themes for Windows 10. Unfortunately, not each these third-party vendors support their websites with SSL enabled, which raises questions astir their integrity and wide information protocols. Please proceed carefully.

That said, 1 of the astir trusted and often utilized of these websites is the Open Cursor Library provided connected (Figure A).

Figure A


The escaped rodent cursor themes offered connected this website fig successful the thousands, and determination is bound to beryllium a taxable that matches your needs. However, if you request much to take from, cheque retired this database of possibilities from TechNorms.

Once you person chosen your rodent cursor set, download and extract it into its ain folder located connected your PC. We volition beryllium browsing to this folder aboriginal successful the procedure.

Now that we person a caller rodent taxable downloaded, we indispensable determination the caller images and animations into progressive use. Click oregon pat the Start Menu fastener connected the Windows 10 desktop and prime Settings (gear icon). Select the Devices conception and past click the Mouse point successful the left-hand navigation barroom to show the surface shown successful Figure B.

Figure B


You whitethorn marque immoderate basal mouse-related adjustments connected this screen, but for our purposes we indispensable excavation deeper. Click the "Additional rodent options" nexus to unfastened the Control Panel's Mouse Properties screen, arsenic shown successful Figure C.

Figure C


Click the Pointers tab connected this surface to spot the database of images and animations presently active. As you tin spot successful Figure D, determination are 19 antithetic rodent cursor images and animations associated with your Windows 10 desktop GUI. Each 1 indispensable beryllium changed individually. (Note: Many themes bash not see each 19 items successful their sets.)

Figure D


Click connected the cursor you privation to change, click the Browse button, and past navigate to the folder containing your acceptable of caller cursors. Find the appropriately labeled representation oregon animation and click the Open button. Perform the aforesaid process for each items successful the list.

When you person made each your changes, click the Save As fastener connected Figure D and springiness your caller taxable a name. As you tin spot successful Figure E, I installed a Minecraft theme.

Figure E


After you springiness it a caller name, click Apply to activate your caller taxable and past OK to adjacent the Mouse Properties screen. Because you took the clip to prevention you taxable nether a caller name, you tin easy spell backmost to the erstwhile taxable aft your gathering oregon presentation.

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Please proceed with caution

For unspecified reasons, Microsoft has decided to relinquish the improvement of customized rodent cursors successful Windows 10 to third-party vendors—subjecting users to a plethora of assertive advertising, misleading download buttons and the imaginable for malware. Instead of an official, Microsoft-endorsed and -curated acceptable of customized rodent cursors, users are near to fend for themselves successful the chaotic westbound known arsenic the internet. It should not beryllium this way. Again, delight beryllium cautious applying this procedure.

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