How to copy and paste items with the Microsoft Office clipboard

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The Office clipboard is simply a useful alternate to the built-in Windows clipboard erstwhile you request to transcript and paste content.


Windows has ever travel with its ain clipboard for copying and pasting items, and Windows 10 adjacent offers a unreality clipboard to store aggregate items and sync them crossed antithetic computers. But Microsoft Office besides has its ain clipboard that tin assistance you erstwhile you're moving with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and different Office applications.

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The Office clipboard is disposable with the subscription-based Microsoft 365 and the one-time acquisition mentation of Office but not with the escaped web-based flavor. The Office clipboard is capable to store a ample fig of items astatine 1 time, allowing you to paste each point individually oregon paste them each successful 1 shot. This clipboard besides offers circumstantial options that you tin customize to power however and erstwhile it pops up to bash its work.

Launch immoderate of the pursuing Office applications—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access oregon Publisher. Start a caller papers oregon unfastened an existing one. Make definite the Home ribbon is the progressive one. For Outlook, commencement a caller email oregon reply to an existing one. Then successful immoderate of these programs, click the launcher arrow icon successful the lower-right country of the Clipboard radical connected the ribbon. The Office clipboard appears arsenic a pane connected the near broadside of the screen.

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Select and transcript oregon chopped an point successful your document. Like the Windows clipboard, the Office clipboard tin store substance and images. The point you copied oregon chopped pops up successful the clipboard pane. Continue to transcript oregon chopped further items, and each 1 shows up successful the pane with the astir caller ones astatine the apical (Figure A).

Figure A


To paste an idiosyncratic point successful your document, simply click its introduction successful the clipboard pane. To paste each the items, click the Paste All button, and they're pasted successful the bid successful which you copied oregon chopped them. To region an idiosyncratic item, hover implicit it, click its dropdown arrow and prime Delete. To region each the items, click the Clear All fastener (Figure B).

Figure B


The items you transcript oregon chopped successful 1 Office exertion look successful different Office programs. For example, unfastened the Office clipboard successful Word and Excel, and you'll spot the aforesaid items that you tin paste betwixt the 2 (Figure C).

Figure C


By default, the Office clipboard pane nestles into the near country of the screen. But you tin determination it to the close broadside oregon anyplace other connected the surface arsenic a floating window. Just resistance the pane astatine the apical and driblet it successful the presumption you similar (Figure D).

Figure D


The Office clipboard offers a fewer options to tweak. Click the Options fastener astatine the bottommost of the clipboard pane. The archetypal enactment for Show Office Clipboard Automatically displays the clipboard the archetypal clip you chopped oregon transcript an item. The 2nd enactment for Show Office Clipboard When Ctrl-C Press Twice displays the clipboard if you property Ctrl+C twice. The 3rd enactment for Collect Without Showing Office Clipboard allows you to chopped oregon transcript aggregate items without displaying the Office clipboard.

The 4th enactment for Show Office Clipboard Icon connected Taskbar displays an icon for the clipboard successful the System Tray. The 5th enactment for Show Status Near Taskbar When Copying shows a notification successful the little near oregon the surface erstwhile you chopped oregon transcript an point (Figure E).

Figure E


Finally, the Office System Tray icon offers akin options to the Office clipboard pane. Right-click this System Tray icon. Show Office Clipboard shows the clipboard pane. Clear All removes each the items successful the clipboard. Stop Collecting prevents further chopped oregon copied items from being stored successful the Office clipboard. And Options shows the aforesaid 5 options accessible from the clipboard pane (Figure F).

Figure F


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