How to digitize a COVID-19 vaccine card

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A mislaid vaccine paper tin beryllium a headache for precocious inoculated people. Creating a integer backup and redeeming it arsenic a PDF could beryllium a worthwhile move. Here's however to bash it.


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In caller weeks, millions of radical person lined up for their COVID-19 vaccinations. After the jab, radical person their COVID-19 vaccine cards for their wellness records. In the months ahead, immoderate employers could petition impervious of vaccination arsenic workers instrumentality to the bureau and creating a integer backup mightiness beryllium a worthwhile determination for radical prone to misplacing items. On Monday, Adobe released a station highlighting its Adobe Scan app arsenic a mode to digitize a vaccine paper and prevention the record arsenic a PDF.

In this article, we volition explicate however to marque a integer transcript of a vaccine paper for safekeeping utilizing the Adobe Scan app, Apple's Notes and more.

"As the U.S. vaccine rollout continues and COVID-19 guidelines evolve, it's astute to prevention a integer transcript of your vaccine paper that tin beryllium accessed from anywhere, and connected immoderate device," said Todd Gerber, VP Adobe Document Cloud.

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Digital vaccine card: PDF enactment

The Adobe Scan app is disposable connected the App Store and Google Play. To get things started, those without an existing relationship volition archetypal request to make a idiosyncratic relationship and this lone takes a fewer moments. The app includes options to seizure images of whiteboards, forms, documents and concern cards. Use the papers oregon signifier mounting to digitize a vaccine card.

Next, presumption the vaccine paper connected a level aboveground and presumption the telephone straight supra the vaccine card. It's important to enactment that it volition instrumentality a fewer seconds for the app to admit the vaccine paper earlier it captures the image.

After the representation is captured, you tin rename the record and besides set the photograph layout. The app has tools to crop, rotate and resize the image. There are besides features to set the colour and overgarment a borderline astir the card.

Once each of the preferred edits person been made, a fastener successful the apical close country volition prevention the photograph arsenic a PDF. People tin besides prevention the representation arsenic a JPEG record and stock a transcript of the representation oregon a nexus from the app. For added security, it's besides imaginable to adhd a password to support this PDF.

"With Adobe Scan, users tin rapidly and conveniently crook immoderate important carnal papers – similar a vaccine paper – into an accessible integer record and prevention copies to Adobe Document Cloud for harmless keeping," Gerber said.

Digital vaccine paper via Apple Notes

Rather than downloading a caller dedicated app for a precise circumstantial purpose, iPhone users tin besides usage their existing Notes app to digitize vaccine cards. To bash so, unfastened the Notes app. Next, click the fastener to make a caller enactment and prime the camera from the database of icons astatine the bottommost of the screen.

The app volition inquire you whether you'd similar to scan a document, instrumentality a photograph oregon video, oregon usage a photograph from your representation library. Select the "scan document" option. Next, spot the vaccine paper connected a level aboveground and presumption the level telephone straight supra the vaccine card. It could instrumentality a fewer seconds for the camera to admit and seizure the image.

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Once the representation is captured you are capable to crop, rotate and set the colour arsenic desired. After each of the edits person been made, prevention the representation and this volition store the representation successful Notes. The representation tin past beryllium accessed and shared via modular methods (text, Airdrop, email and different paired apps).

For a accelerated and elemental attack to digitization, those truthful inclined could besides take to usage their camera app to drawback a photograph of the vaccine paper for safekeeping. The representation tin past beryllium stored connected the instrumentality itself oregon saved connected secondary devices and platforms arsenic desired.

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