How to quickly run diagnostics on your Chromebook

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Is your Chromebook acting up? Jack Wallen introduces you to the ChromeOS Diagnostic tool, with which you tin tally hardware tests connected your Chromebook.


Image: Jack Wallen

Generally speaking, Chromebooks tally smoothly for years. Since I've started utilizing these devices, it's been a precise uncommon juncture that I've encountered an issue. Sure, I've had a fewer devices that couldn't look to support a coagulated Bluetooth transportation (the Pixelbook was 1 of the worst for this), but for the astir part, it's been creaseless sailing.

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That doesn't mean you'll person the aforesaid experience. And erstwhile thing goes wrong, wherever bash you turn? In caller builds of ChromeOS, Google has introduced a caller instrumentality that makes it incredibly casual for users to tally speedy tests connected their devices. 

The app is called Diagnostics, and the tests included are:

  • Battery
  • CPU
  • Memory

So if you find your instrumentality artillery isn't lasting arsenic agelong arsenic it should, oregon if you consciousness the show is suffering for immoderate chartless reason, you tin motorboat 1 of these tests to spot if there's a hardware contented astatine the bosom of the problem.

Let maine amusement you however to usage this tool.

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What you'll request

The Diagnostics app was introduced successful ChromeOS 89, truthful you'll request a Chromebook moving astatine slightest that mentation of the OS. That's each you need. Let's spot however this instrumentality is used.

How to unfastened the Diagnostics app connected a Chromebook

Click connected your Chromebook paper fastener (bottom near country of the desktop) and benignant diagnostics successful the hunt bar. When you spot the Diagnostics icon (Figure A), either deed Enter connected your keyboard oregon click connected it with the trackpad.

Figure A


The Diagnostics launcher successful the ChromeOS menu.

How to usage the Diagnostics app connected a Chromebook

With the Diagnostics app unfastened (Figure B), you'll find Run buttons for the artillery discharge, CPU trial and Memory test. Click 1 of those buttons to motorboat the test. 

Figure B


The ChromeOS Diagnostics is acceptable to trial your hardware.

After clicking 1 of the buttons, the trial volition commencement successful the background. When the trial completes, the results volition look astatine the bottommost near of the trial paper (Figure C).

Figure C


The Battery Discharge trial was a occurrence with .09% discharged successful 30 seconds.

Each trial volition besides see a Learn More nexus that volition unfastened to a Chromebook Help window. Unfortunately, that assistance leafage isn't overmuch help. Your champion stake is to instrumentality the results of the trial and bash your ain research. Even then, you'll astir apt privation to crook to the shaper of your Chromebook to find retired what is the mean discharge complaint for the battery. But if the results instrumentality a "success," you should beryllium OK.

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The CPU diagnostic volition tally the pursuing tests (which takes astir 4 to 5 minutes):

  • Stress test
  • Cache test
  • Floating-point accuracy test
  • Prime hunt test

It should beryllium important to cognize that, portion moving the CPU test, you shouldn't usage your Chromebook. In fact, you'll find the instrumentality hard to usage portion moving this peculiar test. 

The Memory trial takes the longest of the three. You should expect astir 30 minutes for completion (depending connected however overmuch representation your instrumentality has). Although you tin usage the Chromebook during this test, I would urge you tally it erstwhile utilizing the instrumentality isn't necessary.

At the extremity of your test, you tin click the Save league log (Figure D) to clasp a transcript of the investigating results.

Figure D


The Memory trial is running, truthful the league log shouldn't beryllium saved yet.

And that's each determination is to moving diagnostic tests connected your Chromebook. If you find the instrumentality moving poorly, and a reboot doesn't lick the problem, tally these 3 tests to spot if a hardware contented isn't the cause.

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