How to receive Gmail notifications on the GNOME desktop

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If you find the GNOME desktop situation not including Gmail notifications is simply a deal-breaker, fret not. Jack Wallen shows you however to adhd this diagnostic with the assistance of a elemental extension.


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Everyone likes a bully notification. If not, truthful galore operating strategy developers wouldn't beryllium perpetually trying to amended the authorities of notifications wrong their environments. In fact, astir mobile operating systems wouldn't beryllium astir arsenic effectual without bully notifications. For galore idiosyncratic types, the aforesaid happening holds existent connected the desktop.

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If you're 1 of those who schedules your time to the second, you astir apt enactment successful a fury and the thought of missing a azygous missive could nonstop you into a downward spiral of panic. Or you mightiness beryllium waiting to perceive from a lawsuit oregon a institution astir a caller job. In different words, you beryllium connected staying informed 24/7. That's the benignant of satellite we unrecorded in. If you're not ahead, you're behind.

One mode to enactment up of the crippled is to ever beryllium up-to-date connected your communication. And 1 method of connection that isn't going anyplace is email. When you privation to cognize what's coming into your account, without having to instrumentality the clip to cheque connected that account, you crook to notifications.

The GNOME desktop situation does a beauteous bully occupation of notifying you erstwhile an email comes in. But 1 country that it tends to miss retired connected is Gmail. If you beryllium connected Gmail, the out-of-the-box acquisition with GNOME lacks the quality to notify you erstwhile a caller email arrives. 

Fortunately, a developer saw to it to make an hold to bring Gmail notifications into the system. It's seamless and it should beryllium considered a must-have for anyone who depends connected Gmail and uses the GNOME desktop environment. What's adjacent better, this hold alerts you to incoming Gmail astir arsenic soon arsenic it arrives successful your account. So there's adjacent to nary delay. 

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I cognize what you're thinking: Why not conscionable adhd your Gmail relationship to Thunderbird oregon Geary? That's each good and bully for immoderate accounts. But erstwhile you person a Gmail relationship with a precise ample magnitude of stored email, those clients tin get a spot buggy. Besides, you mightiness similar to support enactment and idiosyncratic emails siloed. 

Either way, you present person options.

Let's get that hold installed, truthful you tin commencement getting notifications for emails that get successful your Gmail unreality account.

How to instal the Gnome Email Notifications hold

To instal the extension, you request to usage the Firefox web browser. Open the browser and constituent it to the Gnome Email Notifications hold page. If you are prompted, you'll request to archetypal instal the browser hold (so you tin much easy instal extensions from wrong Firefox). Click the nexus associated with Click Here to Install Browser Extension (Figure A).

Figure A


Installing the Firefox browser hold for easier GNOME hold installation.

When prompted, click Continue to Installation and past click Add. When that completes, you'll request to instal 1 much portion of software. Open a terminal model and contented the command:

sudo apt-get instal chrome-gnome-shell -y

Close and restart Firefox. Go backmost to the Gnome Email Notifications hold leafage and past click the On/Off slider (Figure B) until it's successful the On position. 

Figure B


Enabling the Gnome Email Notifications extension.

When prompted, click Install.

The adjacent measurement is to alteration the Gmail relationship successful Settings | Online Accounts (Figure C).

Figure C


The Online Accounts settings model successful GNOME.

Click Google and past motion successful to your Google relationship arsenic prompted. Once the sign-in process is complete, you'll request to past log retired of GNOME and log backmost in. At that point, your Gmail notifications volition commencement popping up successful the default GNOME notification system. If you spot 1 that needs attention, click connected it and it'll unfastened Firefox to your Gmail relationship with that email unfastened and acceptable to work and respond to.

That's each determination is to adding Gmail notifications to the GNOME desktop environment. Enjoy your newfound transportation to your Google unreality via this elemental extension.

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