How to use data storytelling to build business use cases and convince your audience

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Persuasion, concern acumen and pain-point storytelling are the drivers of palmy concern usage cases.

Pitching a usage  lawsuit  to involvement   holders

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A large concern usage lawsuit delivers tangible worth to the enterprise, and it should ne'er beryllium started unless the stakeholders progressive tin visualize successful beforehand what the benefits are going to be. Visualization is ne'er a given. Instead, it indispensable beryllium established by a persuasive statement for an IT concern into the projected usage case, and this persuasion often involves data storytelling.

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The extremity of storytelling is to contiguous the usage lawsuit and to convincingly show the benefits that it volition produce. The radical presenting the usage lawsuit indispensable beryllium knowledgeable astir the concern and astir systems, and the stakeholders indispensable spot the presenters' cognition and recommendations.

In IT, it is often the concern expert who is tasked to contiguous the usage case. The expert teams with an adept from the concern side. The situation for astir concern analysts erstwhile they are placed successful this relation is that determination is nary ceremonial grooming for processing a concern usage lawsuit and presentation, nor for utilizing storytelling. Universities don't thatch it, and IT doesn't bid it.

Fortunately determination are respective guidelines for preparing a persuasive and compelling usage lawsuit that tin beryllium shared. 

  1. Be succinct and persuasive.
  2. Focus connected the concern occupation to beryllium solved and what solving it tin mean for the company.
  3. Present a compelling usage lawsuit that stakeholders tin visualize arsenic solving the problem.

Here's an illustration of a palmy usage case

The pursuing is an illustration of however an effectual concern usage lawsuit tin beryllium built with the assistance of a storytelling concern narrative:

A slope connected a semi-annual ground initiates a selling run to get much lawsuit recognition paper accounts. The extremity is to physique income successful the bank's indebtedness portfolio from the involvement customers wage connected recognition cards.

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The slope promotes the programme done advertizing and mail. Tellers successful the branches are trained to cross-sell the recognition cards to customers and are rewarded with bonuses based upon the fig of recognition paper accounts they open.

The run meets its goals, and absorption is happy, but idiosyncratic successful the lending backmost bureau notices that months aft the promotion ends, astir one-third of the accounts that were opened are dormant due to the fact that they amusement nary activity.

Dormant accounts were disconnected management's and marketing's radar due to the fact that everyone was focused connected opening caller accounts, but determination is simply a compelling concern usage lawsuit successful dormant accounts that the backmost bureau and the IT concern expert assigned to finance: What if these one-third of unfastened recognition paper accounts that are inactive commencement getting utilized and statesman contributing to slope income? 

This past becomes the concern storytelling communicative that the expert and the back-office adept make a concern usage lawsuit for. The connection is that the institution is leaving wealth connected the array by not going aft these inactive accounts. Why aren't the accounts being used? Since the mean recognition paper holder carries much than 1 recognition card, are different recognition cards offering more?

Based connected humanities accusation that the slope has, the concern usage lawsuit squad calculates the imaginable monthly income that the slope could summation if this one-third of inactive recognition paper accounts became active. The squad explains that to promote use, selling volition archetypal person to usage analytics to find wherefore customers are utilizing different recognition cards and what it's going to instrumentality to person these customers to usage the bank's cards. Tellers and others successful customer-facing positions volition besides person to beryllium cross-trained to contiguous offers to holders of recognition cards that aren't being used. For this to happen, the strategy indispensable beryllium modified truthful it delivers a pop-up connection connected a surface to punctual the teller whenever a lawsuit relationship is accessed that has an inactive card.

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All of this volition necessitate modifications to systems and concern processes—and the improvement of caller analytics applications that tin measure the section recognition paper marketplace and find which incentives and features are needed to marque the bank's cards much attractive. 

Management likes the thought and gives the go-ahead to make the needed systems and concern processes.

Why it worked

What was captious successful his illustration was that some the concern expert and the adept idiosyncratic focused connected a concern symptom constituent that absorption could visualize, and that was costing the institution an income opportunity.  To destruct the symptom point, systems and concern processes needed to beryllium developed, and absorption agreed.

None of this could person happened without identifying the symptom constituent archetypal and past gathering a concern story-narrative astir however strategy and concern process changes could lick it.

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