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Updated: Dec. 22, 2021 astatine 7:05 a.m. ET

Student indebtedness indebtedness present tops $1.7 trillion. Here’s what to bash if you’re facing pupil indebtedness debt.

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Question: I americium 38, went to college, but since person struggled to find a vocation I enjoy. I present person implicit $208,000 successful pupil loans, but lone marque $47,000 a year. I enactment a occupation I hate, I get up and hatred beingness daily. While I wanted to spell to college, I didn’t privation this to beryllium my beingness — and unless you unrecorded it, you person nary thought what this feels like. The indebtedness is overwhelming me: I had to bash a Chapter 13 bankruptcy years agone and past it switched to a Chapter 7, due to the fact that I mislaid my occupation and lone had my husband’s income. I was capable to get escaped of $40,000 of recognition paper indebtedness and immoderate aesculapian debt, but I was successful afloat default with my pupil loans. I’ll ne'er beryllium capable to acquisition a location successful my name, adjacent though I person immoderate savings. What should I do?

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Answer: The archetypal happening to recognize is that you’re not unsocial successful suffering intelligence wellness consequences from debt.  In a caller Prudential survey of borrowers with $5,000 oregon much of debt, 42% said their pupil indebtedness indebtedness triggers precocious levels of intelligence and affectional accent – adjacent much than different types of debt. “Financial issues tin origin slump and terrible intelligence stress,” says Grace Yung, a certified fiscal planner astatine Midtown Financial Group successful Houston. “There’s nary shame successful this … Consider speaking with a [mental health] nonrecreational to assistance find your spark and to assistance enactment done your stress.”  As for your financials, we asked experts what you — and others suffering from pupil indebtedness indebtedness — should see doing, from rehabilitating loans, to refinancing (see the lowest pupil indebtedness refi rates you tin suffice for here), to indebtedness forgiveness, to income-based repayment plans and more.

In your case, archetypal up, let’s code that your loans are successful default, and what to bash astir that. Right now, collections connected your defaulted loans, assuming you person national loans, are apt connected intermission acknowledgment to the COVID-19 alleviation measures. (The COVID-19 exigency alleviation for national pupil loans is scheduled to extremity connected January 31, 2022.)  And Mark Kantrowitz, writer of Who Graduates from College? Who Doesn’t?, says it’s worthy looking into whether you tin rehabilitate these loans, which would wide the default from your recognition history. “Many defaulted borrowers volition beryllium eligible for rehabilitation of their defaulted loans,” helium says. (If your loans stay successful default aft the collections intermission ends, you could beryllium taxable to wage garnishment, taxation refund withholding, and collections.)

Here’s however it works: “If a borrower makes 9 retired of 10 consecutive, full, voluntary, tenable and affordable monthly payments arsenic portion of a indebtedness rehabilitation agreement, their loans are rehabilitated and the default is cleared from their recognition history. This is simply a one-time opportunity, truthful if the borrower re-defaults, they volition person nary further quality to rehabilitate the loans,” Kantrowitz explains. Note that the suspended payments happening during the COVID-19 alleviation play volition apt number towards your 9 required payments: “If you haven’t made, oregon been fixed recognition for, the 9 required payments by the extremity of the outgo suspension, you volition person to marque the remaining payments to implicit indebtedness rehabilitation,” the Department of Education explains here. Kantrowitz adds that if you, oregon anyone else, rehab your loans, you should “either get into an income-driven repayment plan, which is often required arsenic portion of rehabilitation, oregon get a deferment oregon forbearance if you are unemployed oregon struggling financially.”

To trim your monthly indebtedness payments, an income-driven repayment program is worthy considering, arsenic it bases your monthly outgo connected however overmuch wealth you’re earning, truthful those with little incomes volition person little payments. However, these are typically lone an enactment with national loans. “An added payment of income-driven repayment plans is if the borrower’s loans are successful the Direct Consolidation Loan programme and the borrower works full-time successful a qualifying nationalist work occupation … the remaining indebtedness volition beryllium forgiven aft 10 years-worth of payments.”.

Next up, it’s important to support existent with your caller indebtedness payments, truthful it tin assistance to summation income oregon chopped expenses to marque it imaginable to wage disconnected the debt. “Options for expanding income tin see asking for a raise, moving overtime, oregon moving a part-time occupation successful the evening and weekends. One should besides see selling things that haven’t been utilized successful implicit a year,” says Kantrowitz.

Lastly, it’s not intolerable to reopen the bankruptcy lawsuit and question a discharge of pupil loans. “This volition necessitate an adversary proceeding [learn astir these here] and the borrower volition request to show undue hardship, which is simply a harsh standard. But erstwhile the indebtedness payments transcend the borrower’s income, and the borrower has nary tenable prospects for expanding income and has explored different options for dealing with the debt, the borrower mightiness beryllium palmy successful getting a afloat oregon partial discharge of their pupil loans,” says Kantrowitz.

Note that a bankruptcy colony could person taxation consequences: If a borrower does get a pupil indebtedness colony from, say, a Chapter 7 filing, the magnitude of canceled indebtedness is treated arsenic income by the IRS, but if the borrower is insolvent (total debts transcend full assets), the IRS whitethorn forgive each oregon portion of the taxation debt, explains Kantrowitz. “If the IRS does not forgive the taxation debt, determination are different options. One is to negociate an connection successful compromise by filing IRS Form 656,”  says Kantrowitz. “The different is to petition a outgo program of up to 6 years by filing IRS Form 9465. Since the taxation indebtedness is little than the pupil indebtedness indebtedness that was forgiven, the outgo program whitethorn beryllium little burdensome than the pupil indebtedness debt.”

While a refinance doesn’t look similar the champion enactment successful your case, arsenic you look to person national pupil loans and apt request to get connected an income-based repayment plan, they are an enactment for those struggling with backstage pupil loans, arsenic rates are precise debased close now. (See the lowest pupil indebtedness refi rates you tin suffice for here.)

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Alisa Wolfson is simply a personal-finance columnist for MarketWatch.