IKEA Design Studio to briefly set up in London, Ont.

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IKEA volition beryllium coming to London, Ont., aft all, but successful a antithetic format and lone for 12 to 18 months.

In June 2020, IKEA Canada confirmed it would no longer beryllium pursuing plans to unfastened a store successful London. Over a twelvemonth later, IKEA Canada announced plans to grow its plan workplace web to Brampton, St. Catharines and London.

IKEA Canada announced the details Wednesday, explaining that the plan workplace format “is a caller conception for the Canadian marketplace that allows customers to plan and bid analyzable location furnishing systems for the kitchen, bath, chamber and surviving room” done one-on-one sessions with a trained plan adept oregon done a self-service readying station.

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“Our ambition is to go much accessible to Ontario residents by bringing IKEA person to them and offering new, convenient services that conscionable the evolving demands of our lives astatine home,” Toronto country manager Niclas Karlsson-Järnkrok said successful a statement.

The archetypal plan workplace opened Sept. 1 successful Oshawa. IKEA Canada says the Brampton workplace volition unfastened Wednesday and the St. Catharines and London locations volition unfastened successful either precocious October oregon aboriginal November.

The London determination volition beryllium successful CF Masonville Place. IKEA Canada says the plan studios volition beryllium “open for a play of 12-18 months” and showcase each of IKEA’s offerings “through integer solutions” successful summation to immoderate merchandise samples connected display.

Purchases volition beryllium sent to customers’ homes oregon a section IKEA pickup determination (London’s pickup determination closed astatine the extremity of January 2020).

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