‘Important to see Black women in business thrive’: Halifax entrepreneur supports other women

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The “blkpreneur market” successful Halifax connected Sunday featured 20 entrepreneurs and celebrated Black women-owned tiny businesses that person been capable to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The lawsuit was organized by Tia Upshaw, who has owned her ain cleaning concern for 7 years. Now, she’s giving backmost to her assemblage by encouraging young women to go entrepreneurs and helping them found concern plans and unafraid investors.

“I americium a Black pistillate and I ne'er had anybody scope retired and privation to assistance maine successful my travel of being self-employed,” she said.

So earlier this year, Upshaw decided to make Black Women successful Excellence, a not-for-profit that offers 16-week mentorship programs, teaching Black women however to physique a concern from the crushed up.

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The 10 women who signed up for her programme are each inactive successful concern today.

“If it wasn’t for COVID, these women wouldn’t person had the courageousness and the gumption and the strive to really bash something. Because they request to regenerate that mislaid income,” she said.

Funmi Odeny, who is simply a parent of 4 children, was 1 of the entrepreneurs astatine Sunday’s market. She started her concern making and selling African people covering and was capable to discontinue her full-time occupation arsenic an relationship to enactment connected her passion.

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“It’s truthful important to spot Black women successful concern thrive due to the fact that you cognize the women successful nine bash a lot. So being successful concern is much of them trying to propulsion what they person passionateness for,” Odeny said.

Upshaw’s ain 2 daughters present some run businesses. Zaria, 14, owns an eyelash concern and Shykia, 22, has her ain gourmet cocoa company.

“They some mislaid their begetter and you know, wrong 10 months later, they’re moving a business,” Upshaw said.

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She believes that benignant of advancement tin beryllium attained by galore different Black women entrepreneurs, who are conscionable looking for a small support.

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“Black women, we are the halfway of our household unit. We are the core,” Upshaw said.

“And if we’re not close and we’re not financially stable, if we’re struggling oregon if we’re stressing over, ‘I can’t wage the bill, I can’t bash this, I can’t bash that,’ we can’t beryllium the champion mentation of ourselves for america oregon for our children.”

She plans connected organizing much markets successful the future.

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