Indigenous-owned, Manitoba-based potato chips brand heading to shelves across Canada

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An autarkic Manitoba-based, Indigenous-owned marque of murphy spot volition soon beryllium connected shelves crossed the country.

Tomahawk Chips is the brainchild of Alfred Lea, who began the Native Canadian Chip Corporation successful 2015.

Based successful Riverton, Man., the chips person until present been sold successful Manitoba, Northern Ontario, California, and connected Amazon.

Most recently, Lea signed connected with Calgary’s Star Wholesale Ltd., to person his chips shipped to stores crossed Canada.

He calls the improvement “overwhelming.”

“You can’t quit, you’re the groundbreaker for a batch of the young radical and youth, (and) that’s a work I instrumentality seriously,” Lea said Saturday, portion helium was en way to immoderate commercialized shows successful the United States to find adjacent much distributors for his products.

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“We look guardant to a agleam aboriginal with Native Canadian Chip Corporation,” said Bruce Marlow, National Sales Manager with Star Wholesale Ltd., successful a property release.

“Our archetypal transportation volition beryllium to occidental Canadian Pharmasave locations; IGA successful BC; Calgary Co-Op, Rubicon Pharmacy; and Neighborly Pharmacy with stores successful astir Canadian provinces.”

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Notably, the distinctive packaging for his chips is designed by Indigenous artists, whose enactment Lea promotes done spot sales.

The packaging for Tomahawk Chips is designed by Indigenous artists, whose enactment Lea promotes done spot sales. Facebook / @tomahawkchips

“Artists ever person a hard clip nary substance who they are trying to beforehand their merchandise to, and I thought if I could bash thing for them, that would marque maine happy,” Lea said.

“I purchased the rights to usage it, but they tin marque prints and merchantability it connected their ain and I would beforehand them arsenic the bags spell store to store.”

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When he’s not engaged gathering his snacking empire, Lea mentors younker astir becoming entrepreneurs themselves astatine the Riverton & District Friendship Centre.

“One time they’ll go my competition, but that’s fine,” Lea said.

“We person a store there, an e-commerce store benignant thing, and we thatch them astir moving a concern and worldly similar that. I spell determination myself and … assistance them determine what they should bash truthful they tin get their projects underway.”

He besides intends to statesman selling jerky, candy, popcorn and maize chips successful the adjacent future.

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