IOC suspends probe into Raven Saunders’ podium protest as she mourns mother’s death

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The International Olympic Committee said connected Wednesday it is inactive waiting for a ceremonial mentation from the Chinese Olympic officials arsenic to wherefore 2 golden medallists wore badges featuring the caput of the country’s erstwhile person Mao Zedong connected the podium astatine the Tokyo Olympics.

The IOC besides said it had suspended its probe into a motion connected the podium by American metallic medallist shot-putter Raven Saunders, pursuing the decease of the athlete’s mother.

Earlier this week, the IOC said it was investigating aft changeable enactment metallic medallist Saunders had raised her arms successful an X supra her caput successful Sunday’s medal ceremony, which she aboriginal indicated was an look of enactment for the oppressed.

The IOC said that probe had been suspended for now.

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“We heard the precise bittersweet quality this greeting of the passing of Raven Saunders’ mother,” Adams said. “The IOC extends its condolences to Raven and her family. You volition recognize that fixed these circumstances the process is afloat suspended for the clip being.”

The USOPC said Saunders’ motion did not breach its rules arsenic it was a “peaceful look successful enactment of radical and societal justness (that) was respectful of her competitors”.

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The Chinese Olympic Committee has said they volition supply a study “soon” and assured the IOC determination would beryllium nary repetition of its athletes wearing the badges.

“We are successful interaction with the Chinese Olympic Committee who person assured america that we volition person a afloat ceremonial reply soon,” IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said. “But they person besides assured america already that this volition not hap again.”

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Cyclists Bao Shanju and Zhong Tianshi wore the badges featuring the caput of China’s erstwhile person during a medal ceremonial connected Monday, successful a imaginable breach of Olympic rules connected the show of governmental paraphernalia.

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The duo wore the badges, commonplace successful China for fractional a period but a imaginable breach of Rule 50 of the Olympic charter, aft retaining the women’s cycling squad sprint rubric astatine the Izu Velodrome.

While the IOC past period relaxed Rule 50 to let gestures, specified arsenic taking the genu connected the tract of play provided athletes bash truthful without disruption and with respect for chap competitors, it has banned immoderate specified gestures connected the podium.

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