iPhone 13 wish list: The top features businesses and professionals want

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Apple's iPhone 13 is apt nearing launch. Check retired this apical iPhone 13 features privation database that focuses connected security, show and signifier factor, and archer america what you would adhd oregon remove.


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You tin astir odor the anticipation of caller iPhones. Last year, Apple had a immense deed with the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max devices, and this twelvemonth I expect that iPhone 13 (or 12s depending connected what you deliberation the Apple selling squad volition telephone it) volition beryllium popular, peculiarly with businesses looking to upgrade their aging fleet of iPhone 8 and iPhone X devices.

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The iPhone 13 rumors see the accustomed upgrades similar amended cameras, faster processors and changed outer instrumentality specifications, each of which mightiness compel users to get a caller device. When considering what businesses whitethorn privation from the adjacent iPhone lineup, I'll absorption connected 3 main areas: signifier factor, information and performance.

Form origin

The iPhone 12 lineup featured a immense array of instrumentality sizes and specifications. This allowed businesses and users to guarantee they got a instrumentality that worked for them arsenic it related to size, retention abstraction and features (i.e. privation much retention and a amended camera? Go iPhone 12 Pro oregon Pro Max; Want a smaller instrumentality that packs a batch of features into it? Go iPhone 12 mini).

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The iPhone 12 is 1 of the champion lineups for instrumentality diversity, and I anticipation Apple continues and adjacent expands upon it with the iPhone 13, contempt rumors that they whitethorn not support the mini size astir going forward.

Not lone would we similar to spot the aforesaid instrumentality sizes and lineup going forward, but would adjacent similar an expanded lineup, allowing endeavor customers to customize the features they privation successful their devices, including cheaper devices that driblet immoderate of the flashier features, but clasp the processors


Apple is already gathering immoderate of the astir unafraid devices successful the industry, but erstwhile it comes to carnal security, we would similar to spot Apple bash adjacent more. As it relates to hardware, we would similar to spot a fewer things change. First is that we would similar to spot dual biometric options connected the iPhone 13: Implementing Touch ID and Face ID connected the aforesaid instrumentality means that we could authenticate much efficiently careless of if we're looking straight astatine the instrumentality oregon not. This could let applications to besides petition 1 signifier of biometrics (or both) implicit conscionable a singular one, allowing apps to beryllium much unafraid for delicate tasks.

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In addition, astir of the exploits connected mobile devices person been done carnal access. We would similar to spot Apple yet ditch the Lightning larboard (or marque it optional lone connected definite models) truthful that 1 of the last carnal information threats tin beryllium patched connected iOS devices. Without carnal entree done the Lightning port, authorities and atrocious actors volition beryllium forced to unfastened the instrumentality oregon usage different means to effort entree to data, leaving owners alert of immoderate specified attempts astatine access.


With the advent of the M1 processors for Macs and present the iPad Pro, we would similar to spot Apple bring the processing and show of that spot implicit to the iPhone connected astatine slightest the Pro models to let america to get much show (and truthful much on-the-go processing ability) connected the device. This would velocity up things similar editing and exporting videos, photos and adjacent eke retired much show for things similar ARKit apps for concern use.

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Machine learning is different immense country for concern successful show by Apple, arsenic we spot the request to process much and much information connected devices. We would similar to spot an summation successful velocity and instrumentality learning, particularly arsenic we're relying connected it much and much these days for concern applications.

If Apple were to instrumentality its faster processors successful the adjacent iPhone, it would mean that the longevity of these devices would beryllium extended adjacent further, allowing companies to get much years of work retired of the devices.

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