Jason Momoa gears up for 'Aquaman' filming with dye job

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(CNN)Is Aquaman changing up his look for his upcoming sequel?

Actor Jason Momoa, who brings the quality to beingness connected the large screen, teased his heroic dye occupation on Instagram connected Sunday.

"This is the past time of the brown. I'm gonna beryllium a blonde -- supposedly person much fun," helium said successful a video posted to the societal media platform. "I don't cognize astir that; we'll trial it out."

    Momoa said helium had conscionable arrived successful London, England to statesman filming the sequel, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

      In the archetypal film, Aquaman sported acheronian hairsbreadth with lighter ends, inspired by California surfers, his hairstylist told Men's Heath.

      "We wanted it to look earthy due to the fact that he's successful and retired of the water each the time," Jen Stanfield told the work successful 2018.

        Whether Momoa is gearing up for a much drastic colour alteration oregon simply doing what was successful the archetypal movie remains to beryllium seen.

        The film, meanwhile, is acceptable for merchandise successful precocious 2022.

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