Jen Psaki Knocks Ron DeSantis’ Plan to Have No Mask Mandate in Schools Despite Cases Surging in Florida

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Ron DeSantis, much than immoderate different politician successful the country, has politicized disguise wearing. He has regularly pointed to his authorities arsenic a exemplary for however COVID-19 should beryllium handled.

At the aforesaid time, Florida is successful the apical 5 states for some full COVID deaths and cases. And close now, the microorganism is surging successful Florida with 20% of caller cases originating there.

During today’s property briefing, Jen Psaki was asked astir DeSantis’ caller declaration that masks would not beryllium required successful Florida schools this year. He told reporters, “We’re not doing that successful Florida, okay? We privation kids to beryllium capable to beryllium kids. We request them to beryllium capable to breathe.”

Psaki responded, “If I were a genitor successful Florida, that would beryllium greatly concerning to maine due to the fact that kids nether the property of 12 are not vaccinated. They’re not eligible yet.”

The property caput continued, “But that puts kids astatine risk, it’s not aligned with nationalist wellness guidelines. We cognize masks are not the astir comfy thing. I volition say, my kids are rather adjusted to them, arsenic I cognize galore kids are. So certainly, we would person interest astir immoderate measurement that doesn’t abide by nationalist wellness guidelines and we deliberation it puts radical astatine greater risk.”

Despite the information that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is surging successful reddish states, governors similar DeSantis inactive look compelled to support making disguise wearing a portion of the civilization war.

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