Jen Psaki Leaves Fox News In A World Of Pain After Peter Doocy Tried To Blame Biden For The Unvaccinated

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Peter Doocy tried to blasted Biden for Fox viewers not getting vaccinated, but Press Secretary Jen Psaki had the cleanable reply.

Video of Psaki:

Peter Doocy tried to blasted Biden for Fox viewers and the close not getting vaccinated. Jen Psaki replied with a #PsakiBomb "The erstwhile president was suggesting radical inject versions of poisons successful their veins to cure covid."


Peter Doocy asked, “As the president tries to reach unvaccinated Americans, has determination been immoderate thought given looking backmost to the possibility helium whitethorn person created vaccine hesitancy erstwhile last year astir this time, the previous medication was rushing to get a vaccine authorized the present president says I spot vaccines, scientists, but not Donald Trump and astatine this moment the American radical either?”

Psaki answered, “It is inactive harmless to accidental he does not spot Donald Trump. He does spot scientists, data experts, the radical leaving the CDC, and FDA, the golden modular of support for vaccines. I volition besides enactment the president repeatedly has fixed recognition to scientists and experts from the prior administration. Even arsenic precocious arsenic a fewer weeks ago for their relation successful moving the vaccines forward.” 

Doocy pressed on, “At the clip erstwhile Donald Trump is retired determination saying we will have a vaccine successful the next couple of weeks a period and still Biden is connected the campaign trail saying don’t spot Donald Trump, did that make any vaccine hesitancy?”

Psaki enactment an extremity to the nonsense, “Not that we person seen successful the data. I would enactment just for context, the erstwhile president was suggesting people inject versions of poisons in their veins to cure COVID.” 

Joe Biden Isn’t Why Republicans And Fox News Viewers Aren’t Vaccinated.

COVID vaccination rates enactment up with the 2020 predetermination results.

There is thing that Joe Biden could bash to transportation Trump voters who deliberation that they are making a governmental connection astir “freedom” and owning the libs by not getting vaccinated.

As Press Secretary Psaki pointed the diligent zero for vaccine hesitancy is the erstwhile president. Trump got vaccinated successful concealed connected his mode retired of the White House. The erstwhile one-term failed president inactive has not powerfully and publically told his supporters to get vaccinated.

Fox News viewers person the highest complaint of vaccine hesitancy than immoderate different mainstream media consumer. 

The vaccine hesitancy came from Donald Trump and Fox News.

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