Jim Jordan Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail As He Refuses To Say If He Will Cooperate With 1/6 Committee

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In a telling moment, Rep. Jim Jordan dodged the question erstwhile asked astir 1/6 Committee cooperation.


Jordan said connected Fox Primetime:

We conscionable got the missive today, Brian. We volition reappraisal the letter. I person got honorable with you. I person existent concerns astir immoderate committee that volition instrumentality a papers and change it and contiguous it to the American radical wholly mislead the American radical similar they did past week and it turns retired it looks similar it wasn’t conscionable 1 papers they did this with. It was others, different substance messages arsenic well. I person got existent concerns with that.

Jim Jordan intelligibly is disquieted astir getting a subpoena and a transgression referral. The 1/6 Committee has frightened Jordan capable due to the fact that helium is acrophobic that if helium says no, helium volition beryllium connected the accelerated way to transgression prosecution and jail.

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