John Cena posts his 'Black twin,' dubbed 'Jamal Cena'

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(CNN)No 1 tin accidental John Cena doesn't wage attraction to the internet.

The histrion and wrestler shared a photograph of bodybuilder and trainer Brendan Cobbina that has been making the rounds connected societal media due to the fact that of his resemblance to Cena.

Cena posted the photo connected his verified Instagram relationship without a caption.

    John Cena shown present  astatine  a movie  premiere successful  2018.

    Judging by the comments, a caption wasn't needed arsenic galore followers were afloat alert of Cena's Black doppelgänger, who has been dubbed "Jamal Cena."

      John Cena has been beauteous engaged these days with starring roles successful "The Suicide Squad" and "F9: The Fast Saga," so, naturally, societal media has already started rallying for him to find a relation wherever his "twin" tin look other him.

        Cobbina, whose societal media lists him arsenic surviving successful the UK, is leaning into the interest.

        His bio connected Twitter reads "24. You whitethorn cognize maine arsenic the 'Black John Cena' oregon the proprietor of OmegaMuscles. Bodybuilder. Coach."

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