Kentucky’s Dem. Governor Andy Beshear Warns Schools Officials Who Want to Skirt Mask Mandate

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Right now, the South is connected occurrence with Delta variant COVID cases. And astir of those states are tally by Republican governors. And leaders similar Florida’s Ron DeSantis, Texas’ Greg Abbott and Tennessee’s Bill Lee are doing adjacent to thing to support the children of their state.

In fact, DeSantis has been threatening schoolhouse leaders who adjacent deliberation astir issuing disguise mandates successful school. Kentucky, contempt being a reddish state, has a Democratic politician successful Andy Beshear.

And similar astir Democratic governors, Beshear is doing everything helium tin to support kids safe. And dissimilar his counterparts, he’s informing schoolhouse officials who effort to skirt disguise rules.

The politician said during a property conference, “When idiosyncratic gets hurt, and they will, if you’re refusing to bash the close thing, bully luck. I deliberation you’ll beryllium held accountable.”

Beshear continued, “Those that are criticizing, nary of them speech astir however superior the microorganism is. None of them are talking astir however superior the delta variant is. None of them are talking astir hospitalizations, and nary of them, erstwhile they get a microphone, are saying ’please … get vaccinated.’ That means they’re sowing astatine slightest misinformation oregon confusion.”

Kentucky has an absorbing acceptable of senators successful the state. Rand Paul was precocious suspended from YouTube for regularly spreading misinformation connected the platform. Mitch McConnell, connected the different hand, has pushed hard for much radical to get vaccinated.

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