Kim Kardashian West credits Kanye West for boosting her confidence

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(CNN)Kanye West is not lacking astatine each successful assurance and according to Kim Kardashian West, helium passed immoderate of that connected to her.

The mates whitethorn beryllium successful the midst of getting divorced, but the emotion train keeps a moving with Kardashian West talking glowingly astir the rapper/producer/entrepreneur.

Kardashian West appeared connected a caller occurrence of Kristen Bell's "We Are Supported By" podcast and they discussed wanting to delight people.

    Kardashian West said she "used to attraction astir the likeability" erstwhile it came to her being connected her family's world show, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

      But she said that "maybe being successful a narration with Kanye for similar a decade, idiosyncratic who perfectly didn't attraction astir likeability origin oregon what immoderate cognition of him was arsenic agelong arsenic helium was existent to himself" taught her differently.

        "That taught maine truthful overmuch successful the champion way, of, conscionable being maine and surviving successful the moment," she said. "You don't person to delight everyone."

        She said it each showed her to beryllium much assured successful herself and "truly not attraction what different radical thought."

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