LaVar Arrington on Dak Prescott’s second MRI: When there’s smoke, there’s almost always fire I FIRST THINGS FIRST

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Dak Prescott volition acquisition a 2nd MRI connected his close shoulder. He did immoderate airy throwing this week and inactive hopes to play successful the Dallas Cowboys' 3rd preseason crippled connected August 29th. Dak talked yesterday astir easing into things saying quote: 'I'm a go, go, spell feline and ever privation to beryllium successful the enactment getting better..obviously thing similar this, you can't accent it excessively's the hazard vs. reward now...trying to beryllium steadfast capable erstwhile my clip comes.' LaVar Arrington explains wherefore helium wasn't acrophobic astir Dak astatine archetypal but feels that Dallas should interest now.

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