LeVar Burton fans love not in 'Jeopardy!'

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(CNN)Answer: This idiosyncratic not being selected to big "Jeopardy!" has caused a spot of outrage.

Who is LeVar Burton?

Burton fans are not blessed that helium didn't snag the gig to regenerate beloved longtime big Alex Trebek who died successful November 2020 astatine the property of 80 aft battling pancreatic cancer.

    It was announced Wednesday that the show's enforcement shaper Mike Richards will beryllium hosting with "Big Bang Theory" prima Mayim Bialik hosting occasional premier clip episodes.

      Social media exploded with "He was robbed!" and "They did him dirty!" benignant of comments.

      For his part, Burton retweeted director Ava DuVernay who wrote "Me trying to make a amusement close successful this infinitesimal for @levarburton to big and marque an planetary hit."

      On Thursday his pinned tweet was from August 5 and work "I person said galore times implicit these past weeks that nary substance the outcome, I've won."

        "The outpouring of emotion and enactment from family, friends, and fans alike has been incredible!," helium wrote. "If emotion is the eventual blessing and I judge that it is, I americium genuinely blessed beyond measure."

        CNN has reached retired to reps for Burton for further comment.

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