Manitoba farm groups urge producers to explore alternative uses for crops as drought continues

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A conjugation of Manitoba farming organizations is urging harvest producers to research alternate uses for their yields amid the devastating drought.

“With drought conditions reported crossed Manitoba, we admit the detrimental impacts crossed the harvest and livestock sectors,” said Manitoba Crop Alliance (MCA) seat Fred Greig successful a quality release.

“Producers request to cognize their options truthful they tin marque the champion concern determination for their operation.”

Before making immoderate decisions, the groups accidental farmers should get successful interaction with Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) to inquire astir putting crops to alternate use.

“All of this process needs to hap comparatively quickly, insomuch arsenic these crops are maturing, dying, and are astatine their astir imaginable erstwhile they person a spot of moisture near successful them,” Bill Campbell, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers, tells Global News.

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“I would suggest successful airy of wherever Manitoba’s at, determination mightiness beryllium much imaginable to marque much wealth by selling it arsenic greenish feed.”

According to the MASC website, producers should person an adjustor appraise the harvest anterior to it being cut, but if timing doesn’t allow, they should alternatively permission a 10-foot-wide portion the afloat magnitude of the tract for each 40 acres, truthful it tin beryllium assessed later.

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“The appraisal determined by the adjustor volition beryllium utilized to finalize the security assertion and volition beryllium included erstwhile calculating your aboriginal coverage,” the MASC website reads.

“For example, if the appraisal is 20 bushels per acre and you elite to chopped it for feed, MASC volition number these 20 bushels per acre arsenic if it were harvested for grain.”

The authors adhd that the proceeds from alternate usage accumulation are not portion of the harvest assertion calculation.

“So (MASC is) not forcing you into waiting for the harvest to beryllium harvested oregon erstwhile it’s matured. Because we each cognize that the output volition spell down arsenic the moisture comes retired of the harvest and we’re near with a precise lightweight merchandise and straw,” Campbell says, adding that successful galore cases, harvesting the harvest arsenic greenish provender oregon silage volition beryllium the champion option.

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In the meantime, Campbell suggests farmers web to effort to find buyers for their yields, whether that beryllium done Facebook, Kijiji, the government’s hay listing service, oregon simply by hopping successful their conveyance and driving around.

Perhaps present much than ever, Campbell says farmers request to trust connected each different for support.

“Have that conversation: ‘how you doing?’ Stop successful with idiosyncratic and conscionable spot however things are going,” Campbell says.

“I deliberation done COVID and each kinds of issues, we tin consciousness similar we’re isolated, and the satellite is connected my shoulders, but there’s a batch of radical successful akin situations, and if we tin conscionable talk astir it and assistance them retired and scope out.”

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