Mi’kmaw artists using traditional beading to raise money for clean drinking water

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Husband and woman creator team, Cheyenne Isaac-Gloade and Garrett Gloade from Millbrook First Nation successful Nova Scotia are moving with Nike, the U.S.-based diversion company, to rise wealth for a bully cause.

The artists usage accepted Mi’kmaw beading connected achromatic leather Air Force 1 shoes, with proceeds from their funds going toward cleanable drinking h2o successful Indigenous communities.

The thought came astir erstwhile the Gloades were featured successful section hip-hop prima Classified’s euphony video Powerless. The video was produced to grant and amended the nationalist connected the ongoing situation of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

While connected the acceptable of the video shoot, the Gloades met Nova Scotia-born manager Andy Hines, wherever they accidental an instant relationship was born. Hines arranged a concern with Nike, who supplied the mates with shoes to bead.

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“The value down it was to benignant of bring backmost the aged benignant of Mi’kmaw creation and propulsion it to the forefront successful a truly modern and amusive mode and what a amended than Air Force 1s? It’s ace trendy. It’s a thing. All kinds of radical emotion Air Force 1s,” said Isaac-Gloade.

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The Gloades are some artists successful their ain close but collaborate unneurotic to marque the last merchandise of the shoe. Cheyenne does astir of the designing and Garrett does what helium calls “the grunt work” — the beading.

“I deliberation it’s clip we amusement that benignant of avenue successful the mainstream what Indigenous manner and creation look like,” said Isaac-Gloade.

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The couple, on with Hines and Jesse Ingalls, started an inaugural called “Project Samqwan“– Samqwan meaning h2o successful Mi’kmaw. The main extremity is to rise wealth for cleanable drinking h2o successful Indigenous communities crossed the country. A information of the proceeds from their decorator shoes and different accepted artforms volition lend to the cause.

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“Water is the basal necessity for you to live. It’s the lifeblood of Mother Earth. It’s what keeps each and each quality being going and it’s like, ‘why can’t these communities person that 1 basal necessity?'” said Gloade.

The beaded sneakers are presently connected show astatine the Halifax Shopping Centre until Sunday. Two of the pairs of shoes connected show were designed by section Mi’kmaw youth, who participated successful a beading store enactment connected by the couple.

“We conscionable wanted to item them and we deliberation that it’s truthful invaluable that if we’re going guardant and moving guardant we privation to benignant of bring our assemblage and our young radical with us,” said Isaac Gloade.

Cheyenne Gloade. Cheyenne Gloade

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