Mitch McConnell Is Now Trying To Sabotage Biden By Refusing To Vote To Raise The Debt Ceiling

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Mitch McConnell’s absorption to raising the indebtedness ceiling is not surprising, but helium is trying to usage the maneuver to dilatory down Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

Jake Sherman of Punchbowl News tweeted McConnell’s comments:

So, here’s wherefore this is absorbing to us

When successful the minority, Rs ever endanger connected the indebtedness limit.

But reconciliation could beryllium weeks oregon months away. Who knows? Debt limit, however, needs to beryllium raised soon.

So McConnell is messing present w @SenSchumer’s timeline.

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 21, 2021

Mitch McConnell Is Pulling From His Obama Era Playbook

Mitch McConnell, similar Donald Trump, has precise fewer plays successful his playbook. McConnell is trying to dilatory down Biden and Chuck Schumer by throwing a indebtedness ceiling situation astatine Democrats to halt the speeding infrastructure reconciliation freight bid that is heading consecutive for the GOP.

Republicans had nary contented with throwing astir trillions of dollars for the affluent and corporations erstwhile they were successful the bulk and Trump was successful office, but they commencement clutching their pearls and pocketbooks erstwhile the wealth is being utilized to really assistance the immense bulk of Americans who aren’t astatine the apical of the wealthiness pyramid unrecorded amended lives.

Democrats learned from the Obama years. They nary longer enactment each of their eggs successful the “this clip Republicans volition negociate successful bully faith” basket.  McConnell tin commencement fires that Senate Democrats person to enactment out, but helium can’t halt them from passing cardinal authorities and advancing President Biden’s agenda.

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