More fire restrictions in Manitoba as wildfire situation worsens

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Strict occurrence and question bans are being imposed connected 1 country of the state arsenic the wildfire concern worsens.

Area 4 which is northbound of the Wanipigow River, eastbound of Lake Winnipeg to the Ontario borderline including Atikaki Provincial Park, and northbound to Poplar River, volition beryllium enactment nether Level 4 occurrence and question restrictions.

This means nary question volition beryllium allowed to the area, including those with cottages.

Permanent residents indispensable beryllium acceptable to permission connected an hour’s notice.

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130 fires are burning successful the state according to their past regular concern report. 12 are considered retired of control.

There person been a full of 300 fires to day successful Manitoba.

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All provincial burning permits stay cancelled and caller permits volition not beryllium issued until conditions improve.

A afloat database of restrictions tin beryllium viewed connected the province’s website (Province of Manitoba | Conservation and Climate (

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