N.S. election: Last week of campaign ‘has not been going well for the Liberals,’ says expert

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The past afloat week of the Nova Scotia election run has been a rocky 1 for the Liberals, who went into the contention with tons of assurance and present look to beryllium connected the antiaircraft against the absorption parties.

While Liberal person Iain Rankin launched his run past period connected messages of optimism and anticipation for the future, the precocious signifier of the run is focused much connected attacking his opponents.

“The strategy has shifted a small spot from optimism to fear: fearfulness of the different candidates, essentially,” said Tom Urbaniak, a governmental subject prof astatine Cape Breton University.

“It does awesome to maine that this contention has gotten closer, and determination volition beryllium immoderate surprises connected predetermination night.”

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In an antithetic move, Labi Kousoulis, the incumbent campaigner for Halifax Citadel–Sable Island and Rankin’s erstwhile rival for Liberal leadership, met with reporters connected Tuesday to critique the Progressive Conservative and NDP platforms.

That suggests determination could beryllium immoderate interest among Liberal strategists, said Urbaniak, adding that this week “has not been going good for the Liberals.”

A rocky week

The week got disconnected to a shaky commencement connected Sunday, erstwhile Rankin was greeted by disablement rights advocates during a run announcement successful Halifax. They criticized the authorities for failing to travel done connected a plan to make amended lodging options for radical with disabilities.

He posted a representation of himself with Vicky Levack of the Disability Rights Coalition of Nova Scotia connected Twitter, thanking her for voicing her concerns.

Today I met Vicky Levack with Disability Rights Coalition NS. Thank you Vicky for sharing your concerns connected lodging & attraction for radical with divers abilities. We'll proceed to enactment hard to conscionable the goals of The Roadmap for Transforming Services for Nova Scotians with Disabilities. pic.twitter.com/t7sYFBmaYM

— Iain Rankin (@IainTRankin) August 8, 2021

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But that didn’t beryllium good with Levack, who said connected Twitter that she didn’t o.k. of the photograph op. “I’m not gonna prevarication I was disgusted past helium utilized maine arsenic a prop,” she tweeted.

Rankin’s “vaccine passport” announcement besides wasn’t ideal: it wasn’t promised successful the Liberal level and it was not recommended by Public Health.

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In fact, conscionable implicit a week earlier helium made that announcement, Rankin told Global News, erstwhile asked if helium would enactment a vaccine passport program, that protocols for events and gatherings would beryllium determined based connected Public Health recommendations.

This rocky week comes arsenic Rankin is inactive contending with scandals from earlier connected successful the campaign, which see previous DUI charges and the alleged ousting of erstwhile Dartmouth South campaigner Robyn Ingraham implicit boudoir photos.

“That contented was ne'er afloat resolved successful this run for the Liberal party,” said Urbaniak.

A recent Narrative Research poll released this week besides suggested the Liberals are losing support, and said 35 per cent of voters are inactive undecided.

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But Urbaniak cautioned that polls should beryllium taken with a atom of salt, particularly successful this case, wherever lone 540 radical were surveyed, with conscionable 277 decided voters among them.

“When we get an sentiment canvass wherever the illustration size is lone successful the hundreds, we’re going to person a comparatively precocious borderline of error,” helium said.

Impact of elector turnout

Throughout the campaign, the Progressive Conservatives person been promising improved entree to wellness attraction portion the NDP has been focused connected levelling inequalities. Both person done a decent occupation of staying on-message, said Urbaniak

If their messages extremity up resonating with voters erstwhile they spell to ballot connected Aug. 17, a mediocre show by the Liberals successful this predetermination could person a “deflating” effect connected the party, helium said.

“Certainly successful the lawsuit of a loss, Iain Rankin’s enactment of the Liberal enactment would beryllium called into play,” said Urbaniak.

Voter turnout – which has been connected the diminution successful caller years – volition beryllium a large origin successful who wins oregon loses. An upcoming federal election, arsenic good arsenic the information that the provincial predetermination was called successful the summer erstwhile galore radical whitethorn not beryllium paying attraction to politics, could person an interaction connected that.

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“For the governing Liberals, I deliberation the anticipation has to beryllium that elector turnout doesn’t spell excessively low, due to the fact that … portion of their strategy was that capable Nova Scotians – adjacent if not wholly animated, wholly excited – volition think, ‘Well, the existent authorities is bully enough,’” helium said.

“That benignant of attack requires a somewhat higher elector turnout.”

Asked if Rankin whitethorn person made a mistake by calling an predetermination this summer, Urbaniak laughed.

“Ask maine that aft Aug. 17,” helium said.

In an emailed connection Thursday, the Liberal enactment said it was “optimistic for the aboriginal of Nova Scotia.”

“Throughout this run we person laid retired our imaginativeness for a beardown economical betterment that is sustainable and inclusive,” it said.

 Liberal person  Iain Rankin sits down   for 1-on-1 interview' 17:50 N.S. election: Liberal person Iain Rankin sits down for 1-on-1 interview

N.S. election: Liberal person Iain Rankin sits down for 1-on-1 interrogation – Aug 5, 2021

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