N.S. election: Tim Houston talks health care, vaccines, policing in 1-on-1 interview

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Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston says if elected successful 2 weeks, his authorities plans to heavy put successful wellness attraction contempt different predetermination committedness to instrumentality immoderate firm taxes backmost to employees.

Global’s Sarah Ritchie sat down with Houston up of the 41st provincial election to speech wellness care, economy, vaccines and policing.

One of Houston’s large promises during the predetermination was a Better Pay Cheque Guarantee program, which would springiness businesses the enactment to enactment 50 per cent of their provincial firm taxes toward higher wages for employees. Staff earning successful the apical 20 per cent of a company’s payroll would not beryllium eligible.

When asked however his authorities would marque up for a imaginable shortfall successful taxes for backing things similar wellness attraction – thing the Progressive Conservatives person been campaigning heavy connected – Houston said the state would tally deficits “for a fewer years.”

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“We’re going to tally deficits due to the fact that this province, close now, has to put successful people, this state has to put successful infrastructure,” helium said.

“We request the close enactment squad that volition marque the close investments, due to the fact that if we marque the close investments, we’ll each beryllium amended disconnected for it.”

Watch the afloat interrogation here:

 Progressive Conservative person  Tim Houston sits down   for 1-on-1 interview' 17:19 N.S. election: Progressive Conservative person Tim Houston sits down for 1-on-1 interview

N.S. election: Progressive Conservative person Tim Houston sits down for 1-on-1 interview

During the 17-minute interview, Houston didn’t perpetrate to requiring that health-care professionals beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19 – though, successful his ain words, “it’s not a not-commitment.”

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He said helium would similar to consult with nationalist wellness earlier making immoderate decisions.

“I’m an accountant. That’s my background,” said Houston, who is afloat vaccinated against COVID-19. “I’m surely not an adept connected vaccines, I’m surely not an adept connected nationalist health. But I judge I person the assurance to impact those that do, truthful we’ll person those discussions.”

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Prior to the pandemic, successful 2019, the Progressive Conservatives introduced a measure that would marque vaccinations mandatory successful nationalist schools successful Nova Scotia, but Houston says the enactment has since “backed distant from that a small bit.”

He said helium would similar to forestall the re-emergence of conditions similar whooping cough, but said that peculiar portion of authorities is nary longer a absorption for the party.

RCMP successful Nova Scotia

Meanwhile, the contented of policing has been a blistery taxable successful Nova Scotia – particularly pursuing the RCMP’s effect to the April 2020 shooting spree that near 22 radical dead.

The RCMP has faced disapproval implicit however they responded to the massacre and the aftermath, which raised questions astir the relation the RCMP plays successful agrarian policing.

Houston said helium was funny successful seeing the results of the nationalist enquiry into the shooting. While the RCMP declaration is not successful his platform, helium said helium volition look astatine it if helium gets into office.

— With files from Sarah Ritchie

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