NDP leader Jagmeet Singh promises economic diversity in first stop on Alberta tour

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NDP national person Jagmeet Singh launched a three-day circuit of Alberta with a halt successful Calgary Saturday.

At a pancake brunch successful East Village, Singh told reporters helium wants to assistance get Alberta’s system backmost connected way and get radical backmost to work.

“People privation to spot a diversification of the economy,” helium said. “That’s truly important to radical and I privation to marque definite we bash immoderate we tin to enactment Alberta, to enactment workers, to get them the jobs they need.”

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He besides said clime has been astatine the apical of caput for Canadians he’s been speaking with.

“Young radical I spoke to are disquieted astir the clime crisis, peculiarly with a batch of the wood fires and flooding.”

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Currently, the national NDP holds conscionable 1 spot successful Alberta successful the riding of Edmonton-Strathcona.

But Singh says helium thinks the tide is turning successful his party’s favour and he’s acceptable for the adjacent national predetermination erstwhile it’s called.

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