New Capitol Police Chief Comments on Attempts to Rewrite 1/6 Narrative: Attack Was “Not a Lovefest”

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The caller main of the Capitol Police pushed backmost against attempts to rewrite the communicative astir the January 6 onslaught connected the United States Capitol, the time a mob of erstwhile President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the gathering successful a bid to overturn the results of the 2020 wide election.

Tom Manger, the caller Capitol Police chief, said the onslaught was not a “lovefest” oregon a “normal tourer visit,” a notation to remarks Trump made successful February defending those who attacked the Capitol astatine his behest.

“Frankly, arsenic the main of this constabulary section now,” helium said. “I’m successful a presumption to bash things to guarantee that that wouldn’t hap again. I’m successful a presumption to guarantee that these men and women person what they request to bash their job.”

Asked if helium is acrophobic astir Trump’s supporters launching different attack, Manger answered yes.

“I would beryllium a fool not to beryllium acrophobic astir that,” Manger said. “Obviously, the information and information of the U.S. Capitol, the Congress, that legislative process, those are apical priorities, and I’m perfectly acrophobic astir each of those things.

He added that the Capitol Police is besides alert of claims by Trump’s supporters that the erstwhile president volition beryllium reinstated adjacent month.

“We are perfectly laser focused connected accusation similar that. We’re paying attraction to that. We’re not going to amusement each of our cards and accidental ‘okay, these are each the things we know.’ I’ll archer you this. We’re going to program for everything we know,” helium said.

Manger said helium volition let his officers to stock their experiences earlier the House prime committee’s first proceeding into the attack, which is scheduled for Tuesday. 

“We request to perceive their stories,” the main said. “They merit to speech astir what they went through.”

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