New Leak Shows Metro Prime 4 Studio Behind Canceled Legend Of Zelda Game Starring Sheik

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We archetypal made Sheik successful Ocarina of Time backmost successful 1998, but what if she had her ain crippled entirely? It astir happened, and pursuing our erstwhile diagnostic talking astir wherefore we'd similar to Zelda get her ain game courtesy of our ain Jason Guisano, the surfaced canceled Sheik escapade has captured our hearts and attention. 

A caller leak spotted by Source Gaming's EIC features a canceled Sheik-focused crippled that was seemingly successful improvement from Retro Studios. This is the aforesaid workplace that is besides presently moving connected Metroid Prime 4.  Former Retro Studios creator Sammy Hall has shared looks astatine the alleged crippled earlier with artwork of Sheik. Sheik has the quality of a antheral Sheikah, but it is aboriginal learned successful the games that it is really Princess Zelda successful disguise. It was an awesome storyline erstwhile Ocarina was archetypal released, making the imaginable astatine a standalone crippled look immensely appealing. That being said, the task seems to beryllium canceled fixed a caller leak that comes via a fewer antithetic sources, but the archetypal root comes from a leaked papers that showcases the Sheik rubric planned betwixt the years 2005 and 2008. 

In the supra document, it looks similar the program was to person Ocarina's Sheik beryllium a playable quality for fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise. According to the archive of this document, the crippled was going to beryllium an enactment RPG, which is the accustomed benignant for the Zelda series, and it was acceptable to beryllium "ten times weirder" than the accustomed adventures of Link and co. The communicative was reportedly acceptable to beryllium during the Dark Gerudo's 100-year accomplishment of Ganon, which honestly sounds amazing. 

Nintendo has made nary notation of a imaginable Sheik crippled successful the past, making this task an absorbing rabbit spread to dive into. 

So, we've got to ask: would you beryllium down to play a Sheik-focused Legend of Zelda game? Why oregon wherefore not? Sound disconnected successful the comments below! 

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