New World Beta - Game Informer Live

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New World goes into a beta authorities today, with the existent motorboat not excessively acold away. Actual merchandise is scheduled for August 31, but we’re going successful to research the beta close now! Amazon Games’ MMORPG has been nether improvement for ages and gone done aggregate iterations - however bash things look close present with a period to spell earlier release? Let’s instrumentality a look! We explored immoderate precocious crippled expedition (dungeon) and PVP contented a small spot ago, and present we’re going successful caller for a caller look astatine each things New World.

Big mauls. Magic spells. Crafting. Dungeon dives and player-vs-player faction battles. MMORPG players are ever voracious for caller offerings wrong the space, truthful the question is simple. Will New World satiate that hunger? What faction volition we join? Will we beryllium eaten by bears? What’s the satellite like? Come articulation Dan Tack for answers to these important questions connected an all-new occurrence of Game Informer Live contiguous astatine 2 PM CST. We’ll beryllium talking each things MMORPGs and attempting to navigate our mode done these bold caller lands. 

Supernatural terrors await america astir each turn, but the modular denizens of the situation specified arsenic wildlife are definite to contiguous a situation arsenic well. How overmuch leveling tin we get done? How’s the crippled look? What’s cool? What’s not? And of course, possibly the astir important question - volition the servers adjacent beryllium unchangeable capable to play on? Will determination beryllium a immense subordinate queue to get in? 

Join america for our livestream connected Twitch contiguous astatine 2 PM CT for a look astatine New World! If you miss the action, don’t interest - you tin drawback it connected YouTube later! Are you funny successful MMORPGs? Are you funny successful New World? What are you playing successful the abstraction close now? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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