No proof of COVID-19 vaccination required at TIFF; masks, testing for media, talent mandatory

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TORONTO — The Toronto International Film Festival says impervious of COVID-19 vaccination won’t beryllium required to participate its venues, but masks volition beryllium mandatory for anyone attending in-person screenings, and endowment and media volition beryllium tested regularly.

Organizers accidental actors, filmmakers, TIFF executives and others attending events volition request to beryllium tested for COVID-19 each 48 hours, successful summation to out-of-country visitors being tested wrong 72 hours of arriving successful Toronto.

Talent volition besides deterioration masks astatine festival venues, but erstwhile onstage oregon connected the reddish carpet. There was nary connection yet connected celebrities who whitethorn attend.

TIFF anticipates 4,000 members of the manufacture volition beryllium accredited for this year’s festival, moving Sept. 9 to 18, and says much than 1,400 journalists person been accredited.

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Reporters invited to screen reddish carpets and interact with endowment volition besides request to supply impervious of antagonistic COVID-19 tests each 48 hours.

TIFF says unit astatine festival venues who interact with endowment — including festival photographers, drivers and backstage teams — volition person to instrumentality a accelerated antigen trial each 48 hours and deterioration a three-layer, non-medical mask.

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TIFF says determination volition beryllium nary printed tickets oregon passes, requiring guests to supply mobile tickets instead, and nary concessions volition beryllium sold astatine the festival venues.

TIFF venues include: TIFF Bell Lightbox, the Princess of Wales Theatre and Roy Thomson Hall, Scotiabank Theatre and the Cinesphere IMAX Theatre astatine Ontario Place. Outdoor screening venues astatine Ontario Place Festival Village see the Visa Skyline Drive-In, RBC Lakeside Drive-In and the West Island Open Air Cinema.

Red carpets volition instrumentality spot wrong Roy Thomson Hall and the Visa Screening Room astatine the Princess of Wales Theatre, wherever TIFF says each government-mandated societal distancing measures volition beryllium successful place.

Organizers accidental nationalist integer screenings volition beryllium availableon its online platform,digital TIFF Bell Lightbox, but volition beryllium constricted to Canadian audiences and festival time- and date-release windows.

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The festival was altered to virtual platforms and drive-in screenings past twelvemonth owed to the pandemic.

Canada opened its borderline to non-essential question from the United States this week, and expects to further unfastened to planetary travellers connected Sept. 7.

On Thursday, organizers said Benedict Cumberbatch has been named a recipient of this year’s TIFF Tribute Actor Award, joining antecedently named honorees Jessica Chastain and Quebec manager Denis Villeneuve. The pre-recorded lawsuit volition beryllium broadcast nationally by CTV and streamed internationally by Variety.

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