Number of new COVID-19 cases continues to fall in Waterloo Region

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Slowly but surely, the fig of caller COVID-19 cases successful Waterloo Region continues to fall.

Waterloo Public Health reported different 22 affirmative tests for the coronavirus connected Monday, marking the 10th consecutive time the bureau has reported little than 30 caller COVID-19 cases. This lifts the full fig of cases successful the country to 18,199.

It besides drops the rolling seven-day mean fig of caller COVID-19 cases down to 24. A week agone that fig was 34.4, portion a period ago, the seven-day mean was astir doubly that (62.9).

Another 27 radical person been cleared of the virus, lifting the full fig of resolved cases among Waterloo Region residents to 17,718.

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No caller COVID-19-related deaths were reported for the sixth consecutive day, leaving the decease toll successful the country astatine 280, including 15 victims this month.

The country is up to 27 radical successful hospitals suffering from COVID-19, including 16 who are intensive care. On Sunday those numbers were sitting astatine 23 and 13, respectively.

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There are inactive 10 progressive COVID-19 outbreaks successful the country aft a caller 1 was declared successful 1 congregate mounting for a 2nd clip portion different came to an extremity astatine an car income location.

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The region’s COVID-19 vaccine organisation squad reports determination person present been 703,799 vaccinations successful the area, conscionable 3,108 much than it reported connected Sunday.

This is the lowest fig of caller vaccinations reported successful the country successful months.

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Another 3,108 residents are present afloat vaccinated, lifting the full to 298,574 oregon 50.7 per cent of the full colonisation of the region.

A full of 69.38 per cent of the full portion has present received astatine slightest 1 dose, a fig that jumps to 80.57 per cent erstwhile you conscionable see the eligible population.

Elsewhere, Ontario reported 130 caller COVID-19 cases connected Monday, bringing the provincial full to 548,347.

The decease toll successful the state remains astatine 9,294 arsenic nary new deaths were recorded.

As of 8 p.m. connected Sunday, much than 18.2 cardinal full COVID-19 vaccine doses person been administered. That marked an summation of 91,320 vaccines (10,306 for a archetypal changeable and 81,014 for a 2nd shot) successful the past day.

There are much than 7.8 cardinal radical afloat immunized with 2 doses, which is 63 per cent of the big (18-plus) population. First-dose big sum stands astatine 80 per cent.

—With files from Global News’ Jess Patton

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