Ontario’s top pathologist says correctional officers to blame for Soleiman Faqiri death at Lindsay jail

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Ontario’s main forensic pathologist said the actions of correctional officers astatine the Cental East Correctional Centre successful Lindsay are astatine responsibility successful the decease of Soleiman Faqiri successful 2016.

Dr. Michael Pollanen’s post-mortem reappraisal issued Tuesday said events starring to the decease of 30-year-old Faqiri included prone presumption restraint, blunt interaction trauma of the cervix and body, handcuffing, shackling, exertion of a spit hood, and vulnerability to capsicum spray aft worsening symptoms of schizophrenia.

“His decease occurred during conflict and restraint by correctional officers,” Pollanen concluded.

According to a 2017 coroner’s report, Faqiri was successful custody for 11 days and was awaiting a intelligence wellness appraisal and a transportation to a aesculapian installation erstwhile helium got into an altercation with aggregate guards and sustained much than 50 injuries. He was pronounced dormant connected Dec. 15.

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The origin of decease was “unascertained,” and that the the injuries were “insufficient to explicate death,” according to the 2017 report.

New tribunal documents successful December 2020 reported the Ajax, Ont., antheral was handcuffed face-down, capsicum sprayed and his caput was placed wrong a spit hood — contrary to restraint grooming guidelines and policies astatine the Lindsay superjail.

Family members for years person been warring for a reappraisal of Faqiri’s death.

In June 2021, Pollanen issued a caller reappraisal into the circumstances of Faqiri’s death.

“In my opinion, the foregoing investigation makes it wide that decease cannot beryllium attributed to immoderate singly ascertained origin oregon injury,” helium concluded. “It is arsenic wide that decease was caused by the operation of respective ascertainable extrinsic and intrinsic cofactors.”

According to a lawyer of the Faqiri family, based connected Pollanen’s caller findings, the lawsuit has been returned to the Ontario Provincial Police for “possible transgression charges” against the correctional officers progressive successful the incident.

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It volition people the 3rd clip that Soleiman’s lawsuit has been considered by constabulary for imaginable transgression charges. Initially the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service successful October 2017 said determination were nary grounds to laic transgression charges.

In August 2020, the OPP besides concluded  nary transgression charges would beryllium laid against the six correctional officers progressive successful the incident. OPP launched their probe successful January 2019.

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 Ontario’s main  pathologist reviews decease  astatine  CECC' 4:25 Global News Morning Peterborough: Ontario’s main pathologist reviews decease astatine CECC

In a statement, Faqiri’s member Yusuf, says his household relives the “killing” each clip a caller uncovering is revealed.

“Before Dr. Pollanen took implicit this case, nary authorities instauration had shown immoderate involvement successful uncovering retired what truly happened to my brother,” Yusuf said.

“To the Ontario Provincial Police — we telephone connected you to bash your job. Stop trying to marque this lawsuit spell away. We volition bring this lawsuit backmost for a 4th clip and a 5th clip if you proceed to disregard what happened here.

“The OPP and the Kawartha Lakes Police Service person repeatedly failed my household astatine each imaginable opportunity. Prove to america that the strategy doesn’t support correctional officers erstwhile they interruption the law. Until then, we person nary assurance successful the OPP to bash what is right.”

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Family lawyer Nader Hasan says Pollanen’s study has “removed immoderate ambiguity” arsenic to the origin of Faqiri’s death.

“It is present wide beyond immoderate uncertainty that guards killed Soleiman,” helium stated. “For astir 5 years, constabulary forces hid down the erstwhile ‘unascertained’ uncovering successful the post-mortem study arsenic an excuse for not laying transgression charges. The Pollanen study has removed immoderate ambiguity arsenic to the origin of death. There is nary longer immoderate excuse for allowing these guards to get distant with murder.”

Ted Marroco, different household lawyer, said Faqiri was “defenceless and shackled” and died owed to a lethal operation of excessive force.

“There is nary justification for what was done to him,” helium stated. “There is nary grooming that authorizes correctional officers to usage this benignant of violence. Pollanen has drawn a nonstop transportation betwixt the brutality Soleiman endured from the guards and the decease of his body. There is nary enigma remaining successful the sidesplitting of Soleiman Faqiri.”

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