Ontario to announce plan for exiting Step 3 next week, lifting more capacity limits

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Sources archer Global News the Ontario authorities volition denote plans to exit Step 3 of its COVID-19 reopening program precocious adjacent week.

A source, not authorized to talk publicly, said the archetypal signifier of the program volition find erstwhile capableness limits tin beryllium lifted for the remaining venues, specified arsenic restaurants, that are already nether a proof-of-vaccination policy.

A revised program is expected precocious adjacent week that volition beryllium a pathway to exiting the Roadmap to Reopen successful Ontario, the root said.

Ontario’s main aesculapian serviceman of health, Dr. Kieran Moore, is expected to springiness a play COVID-19 update Thursday afternoon. Last Thursday, Moore announced plans for Thanksgiving and Halloween but made nary notation of capableness limits.

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Just up of the Thanksgiving agelong weekend, connected Friday, the authorities lifted capableness limits for cinemas, theatres, spectator sports venues, performance venues, gathering and lawsuit spaces, equine racing and car racing tracks. These venues were allowed to run astatine 100 per cent capableness arsenic of Saturday.

For those venues, the authorities said it made the changes based connected precocious vaccination levels, unchangeable nationalist wellness indicators and the vaccine certificate requirements that took effect past month.

The state came up with a three-step program successful the spring/summer for reopening. Ontario has been successful Step 3 since July 16.

According to the provincial website connected “moving beyond the roadmap,” the bulk of nationalist wellness measures from Step 3 volition beryllium lifted. This includes removing capableness limits, removing limits for societal gatherings and organized nationalist events, and removing requirements specified arsenic progressive screening of patrons and workers.

However, it besides states a tiny fig of measures volition stay successful place, for example, masking, passive screening specified arsenic signage, collecting patron interaction accusation and a information plan.

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