Opinion: Majority of Americans Understand Republicans Are Aspiring Fascists

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Republicans are truthful opposed to America’s wide ideology that they are actively pushing the state towards fascist rule, and according to a caller poll; a bulk of Americans judge the GOP battle connected elections, similar Trump’s attempted coup connected January 6, is an onslaught connected democracy.

A poll conducted by Monmouth University asked respondents if they “felt” the Republican-led audits of the 2020 predetermination results “were partisan-based attempts to question the validity of the 2020 election;” 57 percent of respondents replied yes. And 50% of respondents said the lone crushed for the audits is to warrant disenfranchising voters supporting Democrats.

Conversely, 33 percent of respondents said the audits were “legitimate actions to soma retired wide elector and predetermination fraud.” Obviously the 33 percent who judge the audits are morganatic are acolytes of Donald Trump and his BIG LIE that helium truly won the predetermination and atrocious actors stole it from him.

Remember, Trump’s attorney general, national information team, federal courts and adjacent election officials successful Republican states person each asserted that the 2020 predetermination was the “most unafraid successful American history” and that determination was nary wide elector fraud.

Republicans privation to undermine assurance successful America’s electoral strategy to harm the ideology it was founded on. It is the lone crushed they are going to utmost lengths to suppress the voting rights of the radical astir apt to enactment Democratic candidates. Republicans cannot comport escaped and just elections due to the fact that they “believe wide democracy” is contrary to their eventual extremity of “mobilizing nine nether a totalitarian one-party state.”

Democracy is predicated connected escaped and just elections wherever each eligible national who wants to formed a ballot is fixed each accidental to bash so. That is the instauration of America’s wide ideology and precisely wherefore fascist Republicans are rushing to enact harsh elector suppression laws crossed the nation, and wherefore legislature Republicans are warring bony and nail to halt immoderate predetermination betterment present struggling successful Congress. It is besides wherefore Republicans are conducting clownish audits – to instill suspicion successful the electoral process and undermine American democracy.

The Republican onslaught connected ideology began successful earnest straight aft the American radical went to the polls to elite an African American antheral arsenic their president successful 2008. Five years aboriginal the GOP went to the Supreme Court for redress of their onslaught connected ideology and the conservative bulk agreed that Republicans person the close to suppress the ballot of chiefly radical of color.

Now the GOP battle of escaped and just elections is an all-out assault connected democracy and a bulk of Americans judge that the rash of Republican predetermination audits are an effort to undermine the erstwhile election’s results and sow suspicion successful America’s electoral process. In different words, a bulk of Americans recognize the Republican onslaught connected the electoral process is an outright onslaught connected democracy. The polar other of America’s wide ideology is fascism, and successful lawsuit determination is uncertainty astir what Republicans are striving to enact the explanation of fascism should clarify immoderate confusion.

Fascists judge that liberal democracy is obsolete and respect the implicit mobilization of nine nether a totalitarian one-party state as indispensable to support power. A fascist authorities is led by a beardown person specified arsenic a dictator and composed of the members of the governing fascist party. Fascism rejects assertions that unit is automatically antagonistic and views governmental unit arsenic a valid means of achieving nationalist unity. The utmost authoritarianism and nationalism of fascism often manifests a content successful radical “purity” oregon a “master race,” usually synthesized with immoderate variant of racism or bigotry of a demonized other; the thought of “purity” has motivated fascist regimes to perpetrate forced deportations against a perceived other. Opposed to democracy, fascism is placed connected the acold close wrong the traditional left–right spectrum.

If that explanation of fascism does not explicitly picture precisely what Republicans are connected a crusade to instrumentality successful America, past the Sun rises successful the West and soiled Don Trump is the astir brilliant, morally pure, and articulate antheral successful each of quality history. And it is simply a testament to a bulk of Americans’ intellect that they are alert of the Republican thrust to make a fascist authorities by undermining electoral assurance to hitch retired democracy..

Whether it is undermining assurance successful America’s electoral process, promoting the BIG LIE that the 2020 predetermination was stolen from Trump done wide elector fraud, oregon blatantly stating that thing the legally elected Congress passes volition ever beryllium enacted, Republicans are intent connected “mobilizing nine nether a one-party authorities to support power.

The lone promising specter successful this dying ideology is that a bulk of Americans judge Republicans are attacking ideology to instrumentality the fascist authorities that volition warrant the power-hungry savages  ultimate authorization to regularisation implicit the American people.

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