Opinion: Pro-life Republicans Are on a Crusade to Kill Children

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Republicans person mislaid any and all credibility they thought they had regarding being “pro-life. It whitethorn beryllium existent they are pro-zygote, pro-embryo, and pro-fetus, but even that favoritism is origin for large suspicion. Based connected their deliberate and coordinated deadly assault connected America’s children, they now comprise what was erstwhile the mythical death panels; and they are specifically targeting children.

Apparently it wasn’t capable that astir Republicans sat idly by portion well implicit half-a-million Americans perished due to the fact that Trump was moving for reelection alternatively of protecting American lives. Now with the means in hand to get power of the deadly plague and get American lives backmost to a semblance of normalcy, many Republicans are working successful performance to assistance spread the new variant of COVID-19 and they are rushing to see who tin infect more of America’s children.

By present astir sane quality beings comprehend that the Delta variant of COVID is astir doubly arsenic contagious arsenic the erstwhile iteration of the plague. And it is reported to origin much severe unwellness successful those infected; it is the quality of the mode infectious diseases mutate if they are allowed to spell unchecked oregon are lone partially controlled..

Despite a monolithic run to get as galore Americans vaccinated against the disease arsenic humanly possible, nary tiny fig of Republicans are doing everything successful their powerfulness to support the decease toll rising. And they are doing truthful for governmental gain.

Unlike the archetypal variant, Delta is infecting children astatine an alarming rate. In the past week alone, determination has been an 84 percent increase successful the fig of children contracting COVID-19. That benignant of summation should incite leaders to mandate mitigation efforts if for nary different crushed than to support children who person small power implicit their ignorant parents who judge determination is nary origin for alarm.

It is simply a terrifying statistic anytime, but arsenic states are rushing to unfastened schools without precautions successful spot to mitigate the dispersed of the highly infectious variant, it is simply a look for catastrophe that should have parents successful a panic. Predictably, some so-called “pro-life” Republican leaders look thrilled to hasten the fig of children infected and are taking utmost measures to spot their handiwork scope fruition.

Most of the reporting regarding the dispersed of the delta variant has centered connected the grim reaper posing as Florida’s governor, but Texas Governor Gregg (pro-life) Abbott is keeping pace. He surely won’t basal up to anti-vaxxers and anti-mask advocates to support Texas children.

According to Texas Medical Center CEO Bill McKeon, the emergence of the highly infectious delta variant means “We’re heading into acheronian times.

And successful a plea for disguise mandates, Dr. Christina Propst said:

If children are not masking successful schools, it volition beryllium a large problem.

Despite Texas recently overtaking New York successful presumption of full statewide deathsAbbott banned such mandated precautions even after large campy and daycare outbreaks each summertime with the delta variant. Making matters that overmuch worse, among teenagers for whom the vaccine is readily available, “inoculations are severely lagging.

According to Abbott’s enforcement [execution] order:

No governmental entity tin compel immoderate idiosyncratic to person a Covid-19 vaccine administered nether an exigency usage authorization. No idiosyncratic whitethorn beryllium required by immoderate jurisdiction to deterioration oregon to mandate the wearing of a look covering.”

As if to marque matters adjacent much treacherous for students and their families, the Texas Education Agency said that schools are nether nary work to support their students and bash not have to pass parents of COVID-19 affirmative cases, or conduct interaction tracing. Irresponsible Texas parents enjoy the state to nonstop their children to school even if they person been successful adjacent interaction with a COVID affirmative case.

According to the decease panel that thinks it is smarter than immunologists and wellness attraction professionals, such precautions are wholly unnecessary because:

Data from 2020 shows precise debased COVID-19 transmission rates successful a schoolroom mounting and information demonstrating little transmission rates among children than adults.”

As noted above, successful the past week determination was an 84% emergence successful cases of children contracting COVID-19 due to the fact that the delta variant is “twice arsenic contagious” arsenic erstwhile variants, and causes much terrible illness, and death, successful those infected. It is besides noteworthy that children are reported having exactly the aforesaid semipermanent effects arsenic adults including:

Lingering physical, intelligence and neurological symptoms; adjacent if they had a comparatively mild absorption to the archetypal coronavirus infection.” 

If Republicans showed a tiny fraction of respect for children arsenic they bash a single-called zygote, past the children they are hoping to infect with the delta variant whitethorn beryllium spared. However, they person a marque caller shiny societal contented to distract Americans with and they are utilizing it to deadly results for governmental gain; adjacent if they person to sacrifice children they assertion are truthful important to America’s future.

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