Pat Toomey Suggests The Quiet Part Out Loud: A 1/6 Probe Will Hurt Republicans

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Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) said that the 1/6 probe politically helps Democrats, which tin lone mean that Republicans volition look bad.


Sen. Pat Toomey says what each Republican is reasoning that 1/6 probe politically helps Democrats. The crushed for this, which Toomey didn't explicitly accidental is that Republicans are going to look truly atrocious for their relation successful trying to overthrow the government.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 25, 2021

Toomey said connected CNN’s State Of The Union:

I deliberation radical bash privation to get to the bottommost of it. Yes, I did enactment the senate version of a committee that would person been genuinely and truly bipartisan, some successful its composition of members and staff, which I deliberation is important. This workout successful the House was not meant to beryllium that. Look, present is the bottommost line, Jake. We person a batch of investigations under mode now. 

There are Senate committees that have completed some. There are others inactive in progress. We person galore criminal investigations. I would favour a genuinely bipartisan commission, but I deliberation we should beryllium candid astir the fact that it is politically to the advantage ofDemocratsto effort to keep this contented successful the forefront. James Carville has been very candid astir this. He has urgedDemocrats, don’t let the predetermination beryllium astir Joe Biden and his policies successful 2022. Make that predetermination astir January 6th and Donald Trump. So, it’s precise wide that Democratshave an inducement to try to thrust a governmental message here, and a purely partisan commission successful the House is probably going to bash that. 

An probe into the Capitol onslaught would beryllium a occupation for Republicans lone if they did thing wrong. If Republicans were guiltless and didn’t conspire with the insurrectionists to overthrow the government, they person thing to interest about.

Republicans are terrified of the 1/6 probe due to the fact that it is apt to uncover that a fig of Republicans successful Congress were astatine slightest supportive if not progressive successful the attack.

An probe into 1/6 should not payment anyone, but Toomey’s comments are a reddish emblem that explains wherefore Republicans are truthful scared.

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