Pierrefonds reduces speed limit on Lalande Boulevard after deadly crash

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On Monday, the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro voted connected caller traffic-calming measures to assistance dilatory speeding connected Lalande Boulevard wherever 15-year aged Anjelica John was killed past month.

“Today what we did is we passed a solution that brought these velocity limits to 30 km/hour alternatively of 40 successful that area,” said Jim Beis, Pierrefonds-Roxboro mayor.

John died successful infirmary aft she was struck by a operator who mislaid power of their vehicle. The teen was waiting for her schoolhouse autobus connected Lalande Boulevard erstwhile a car careened into a pole, earlier hitting her and veering into different vehicle.

“So what we tin bash abbreviated to mid-term solution successful that country is not lone are we changing velocity bounds successful that area, we’re besides adding 2 imperishable velocity bumps,” Beis said. “We’ll besides beryllium adding, for example, those lasting velocity markers successful the mediate of the roadworthy that volition intelligibly again place the 30 km/h.”

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Residents accidental that it’s not the velocity bumps that are going to marque radical halt speeding. Rather than putting the absorption connected halt signs and velocity bumps, cyclists and pedestrians privation amended supervision.

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“It involves of people the enactment of our SPVM and the resources that they mobilize connected site, not lone determination but passim each territory successful Montreal arsenic we cognize that velocity is simply a large occupation successful each community,” said Beis.

For the semipermanent solution, Beis is hoping that an engineering steadfast that specializes successful velocity power and postulation power volition assistance them marque the close determination successful presumption of changing the infrastructures and roadworthy space.

“Many times I thought this is truly unsafe for the children, but it happened 1 day, and it was my child,” said Rosemary Victor, parent of Anjelica John.

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The caller reduced velocity bounds won’t bring backmost the 15-year aged victim, but her parent hopes it’s the archetypal measurement successful the close absorption that could prevention aboriginal lives.

“Regardless of the circumstances, astatine the extremity of the time there’s a decease and we request to look astatine this intimately and spot however immoderate we bash successful that street, however that tin beryllium modeled possibly for different areas” said Beis.

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