Pink offers to pay bikini bottom fines for Norway beach handball team

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The European Handball Federation (EHF) conscionable gave Pink a crushed to get involved.

The vocalist announced implicit the play that she’s consenting to screen a 1,500-Euro good issued to Norway‘s formation handball squad aft the women defied the rules and wore diversion shorts alternatively of bikini bottoms astatine a tourney earlier this month.

Pink tweeted that she is “VERY proud” of the squad for “PROTESTING THE VERY SEXIST RULES ABOUT THEIR ‘uniform.’” She besides called for the EHF to beryllium fined for sexism.

“Good connected ya, ladies,” she wrote. I’ll beryllium blessed to wage your fines for you. Keep it up.”

The EHF had specifically rejected the Norwegians’ plans to deterioration shorts for the tournament, citing the azygous argumentation that mandates bikini bottoms for each pistillate athletes.

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In this record photo, the Norway squad lines up during the 2018 Women’s Beach Handball World Cup last against Greece connected July 29, 2018, successful Kazan, Russia. Ilnar Tukhbatov/Epsilon/Getty Images

The women wore achromatic bikini bottoms for their archetypal games, but they switched into tight-fitting bluish diversion shorts for their bronze-medal lucifer against Spain, sparking cheers from the assemblage erstwhile they deed the sand.

The EHF issued 150-Euro fines for each of the team’s 10 players aft the match, citing the authoritative rulebook’s azygous guidelines.

Norway’s women’s formation handball squad is shown wearing shorts astatine their bronze medal crippled connected July 18, 2021. Norwegian Handball Federation

Women “must deterioration bikini bottoms,” according to the International Handball Federation rules. The bottoms indispensable person “a adjacent acceptable and chopped connected an upward space toward the apical of the leg,” the rules say, portion the broadside width “must beryllium of a maximum of 10 centimetres.”

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The Norwegians stood by their enactment of defiance and the communicative soon gained planetary attraction past week — peculiarly aft the good was issued.

“We are precise arrogant of these girls who … raised their dependable and told america that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” the Norwegian Handball Federation said successful a Facebook post aft the incident.

“Thank you truthful overmuch for each the support,” the women wrote successful an Instagram station past week. “We truly admit each the emotion we person received.”

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The bikini contention erupted conscionable earlier the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, wherever aggregate incidents person besides provoked treatment astir pistillate athletes’ attire.

Over the weekend, for example, Germany’s gymnasts debuted a new-look unitard that covers much of the pistillate athletes’ bodies than the accepted leotard. The German Gymnastics Federation introduced the outfits earlier this year arsenic portion of a program to combat “sexualization successful gymnastics.”

Welsh Paralympian Olivia Breen recovered herself astatine the bosom of different statement past week, aft the long-jumper was criticized for wearing briefs that were excessively short.

“I person been wearing the aforesaid benignant sprint briefs for galore years and they are specifically designed for competing in,” she said successful a statement up of the Games, aft facing disapproval from a pistillate authoritative successful the U.K. “I volition hopefully beryllium wearing them successful Tokyo,” she wrote.

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The International Olympic Committee has the last accidental implicit due uniforms astatine this year’s games, according to the Olympic Charter.

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