Pointe-Claire’s Sunnyside Park to get a new rain garden

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Sunnyside Park successful Pointe-Claire, Que., volition soon person a caller rainfall plot for residents to enjoy.

Work crews began the preliminary enactment clearing the batch for the city’s caller rainfall postulation task connected Tuesday.

The metropolis is installing what they picture arsenic a caller ecological and environmentally-friendly drainage system, which diverts rainwater from the oversaturated crushed utilizing gravity and vegetation.

Already fenced off, the plot volition beryllium placed successful the occidental information of the parkland adjacent the country of Coolbreeze Avenue and Belmont Street.

“All the h2o from the country drains into this peculiar gully and the walking paths are continuously underwater,” Mayor John Belvedere said.

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A earthy valley, Sunnyside Park’s walking trails are often covered by h2o during the outpouring and fall.

The metropolis says the instauration of the plot volition assistance mitigate that by retaining astir of the water.

Belvedere says the contented of stagnant h2o successful the parkland has been a occupation for years, making it unusable astatine definite times of the year.

“It’s a well-used parkland but it couldn’t beryllium utilized due to the fact that it was ever wet. Now it volition beryllium environmentally-friendly and it volition beryllium bully for the animals successful the area,” Belvedere said.

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The enactment volition impact excavating the site, creating a earthy basin to clasp the h2o paired with drainage pipes that volition divert it into the metropolis drains.

The metropolis volition besides beryllium planting immoderate 2,150 perennials flowers and 180 shrubs arsenic good arsenic aggregate trees to assistance successful the postulation process.

A woody footbridge volition besides beryllium erected for pedestrians to transverse and bask the caller greenish space.

“I deliberation that volition beryllium precise pleasant I deliberation it’s a truly bully park, but it could beryllium adjacent better,” Pointe Claire nonmigratory Patritia Fortier said.

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“This sounds similar a truly bully idea.”

At a outgo of $400,000, Belvedere said this is the cheapest mode for the metropolis to woody with the seasonal issue.

Alternative plans would impact “costly and drastic “changes to the parkland connecting it to the existent infrastructure, according to Belvedere.

During the work, the sidewalk and thoroughfare parking on Coolbreeze Avenue that runs the magnitude of the parkland volition beryllium inaccessible.

The intersection of Coolbreeze and Belmont avenues volition beryllium closed to postulation from Aug. 16 to 20.

The enactment is expected to beryllium completed by October.

 'A fashionable  West Island parkland  gets a caller   garden' 0:56 A fashionable West Island parkland gets a caller garden

A fashionable West Island parkland gets a caller garden

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