Pronghorns women’s soccer team returns to the pitch under new head coach

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After gathering virtually for a fig of months, the caller caput manager of the Pronghorns women’s shot programme says helium had to bash immoderate learning connected the alert erstwhile grooming campy began this week.

“For maine to enactment names to faces, I’ll beryllium honorable with you, yesterday was a spot of a conflict aft each that,” Macky Singh laughed.

Singh was hired by the University of Lethbridge successful March, replacing longtime Pronghorns coaches Ilsa Wong and Jack Reddy, who were relieved of their duties past fall aft a breach of COVID-19 athletics cohort protocol.

The caller seat brag said successful a league similar Canada West, a alteration successful enactment combined with a twelvemonth disconnected from contention could permission the ‘Horns astonishing immoderate acquainted foes.

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“I’ve watched each the games from 2018 and 2019, and the coaches from the different teams are inactive the same, truthful I benignant of person a just thought of however the games are going to be,” helium said.

“(But) the coaches bash not cognize however I coach, truthful we person a spot of an vantage connected that side, and we’re going to usage that to our vantage for sure.”

Singh inherits a young roster with a treble dose of rookies arsenic good arsenic a premix of seasoned players.

Drew Dortman had to hold an other twelvemonth for her rookie play aft signing with the Pronghorns successful Grade 12 successful 2019. Dortman said prepping for mean contention with the radical astir feels excessively bully to beryllium true.

“It’s truly breathtaking to benignant of look guardant to having games to play,” Dortman said. “And travelling a small bit, which we wholly missed retired connected past year.”

Welcome Back! @hornsWsoccer opened campy contiguous nether caller Head Coach @mackysingh11 with fittingness investigating #NewSeason #GoHorns #yql #uleth

— Pronghorn Athletics (@UofLPronghorns) August 10, 2021

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For the older players connected the roster, truthful acold grooming campy has been each astir learning to play wrong Singh’s strategy and shaking disconnected immoderate of the rust.

“Girls person decidedly exceeded my expectations,” said Ellie Kabayama. “I thought we were going to travel successful and beryllium ace scrappy — touches each implicit the spot — but it’s evident that girls worked hard implicit the summer.”

Kabayama said each of the players person been missing having contention successful their lives implicit the past twelvemonth and a half. Fellow seasoned Peyton Hiebert said with girls itching to compete, it won’t beryllium hard to support the hard enactment rolling.

“Just being capable to prep for a play that I deliberation we each truly needed, it’s been decidedly a challenging year, some motivationally and conscionable mentally,” Hiebert said.

The Pronghorns volition play a fistful of accumulation games earlier kicking disconnected the Canada West play astatine Mount Royal University connected Sept. 11.

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