Province announces funding to support Blackfoot women in Lethbridge

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Funding from the provincial and national governments volition beryllium utilized to conception 14 units successful Lethbridge for Blackfoot women and their children who are looking to determination to the metropolis from adjacent reserves.

Alberta’s curate of seniors and lodging and the curate of indigenous relations were connected manus to denote the project, which is aimed astatine supporting women relocating from the Kainai, Siksika and Piikani nations, connected Wednesday.

A combined $3.4 cardinal has been committed by the governments of Alberta and Canada, with the assistance intended to correspond a antithetic section for women who whitethorn beryllium starting caller jobs, attending schoolhouse oregon fleeing hard circumstances.

“When I archetypal went into the city, I was a state boy, and it was a large modulation for me,” said Rick Wilson, curate of indigenous relations.

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“I can’t ideate idiosyncratic coming with a kid and starting fresh. So to beryllium capable to person a installation similar this — to beryllium capable to assistance them integrate into the municipality concern — I deliberation is going to beryllium specified a large plus for them.”

Wilson said the announcement comes astatine a important time, arsenic the state is focused connected reconciliation efforts.

“It’s precise timely for maine due to the fact that I enactment precise intimately with our missing and murdered Indigenous women panel,” helium said.

“It truly benignant of sets a signifier and immoderate groundwork to bash immoderate different enactment similar this.”

Blackfoot Family Lodge Society seat Lance Tailfeathers said the task has been successful the works for a agelong time, with evident request successful confederate Alberta.

“Part of residency astatine the Blackfoot Family Lodge is that the ladies spell done assorted grooming modules of beingness successful the metropolis and besides returning to the taste roots, truthful from that we thought we were getting overwhelmed due to the fact that we conscionable don’t person capable abstraction for everybody that comes to the metropolis of Lethbridge,” helium said.

Tailfeathers said galore members who modulation to beingness successful the metropolis conflict with the accommodation and look stigma, and the extremity is to supply them with the indispensable resources to thrive successful the agelong term.

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“Part of the program, erstwhile you get them up and ready, past they’re escaped to spell retired connected their ain if they determine they privation to spell into different dwellings,” Tailfeathers said.

“But this is simply a benignant of springboard for them, wherever they tin larn those skillsets for surviving successful the municipality setting.”

The state expects the task volition make astir 25 jobs.

In Alberta, the backing is provided done the Indigenous Housing Capital Program (IHCP), which supports the improvement of affordable, off-reserve, off-settlement and on-settlement lodging wherever it is astir needed. Federal backing for IHCP is provided done the 10-year bilateral lodging statement betwixt the national and provincial governments announced successful 2019.

According to the province, Alberta’s Capital Plan 2021 volition put $30 cardinal successful IHCP implicit 3 years, with the authorities already providing much than $26 cardinal for 7 projects to date, including the Blackfoot Family Lodge Society.

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